7 Key Components for a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

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Updated on October 30, 2021

Digital Marketing

Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy has become an essential constituent of an entire marketing plan. Online marketing tactics generate a substantial return on investment (ROI) than traditional marketing. If you want to the magic of digital marketing, hire the best digital marketing company for significant leads and income.

In this piece, we will have a look at the key ingredients for digital marketing success-

Formulate a Realistic Digital Marketing Strategy

It gets accomplished through a variety of methods, including content mapping, timelines, & editorial calendars. Numerous tools are available to aid in the intricate level of content management & planning. We are likely to get distracted from our objective if we fail to select the subset of metrics to build our approach.

Establishing a plan on actual processes & tools is a must for a digital marketing company in India. And, the reason behind it is the variables of the local markets like user demographics & the changing pattern of information exchange. For promising results, the need to focus on the local factors of the market is crucial.

Formulate a Realistic Plan

Start with a rational KPI assessment

To realize how we arrived at our results, we need to identify the relevant metrics. Choosing the correct KPIs that most accurately represent our major goal areas will help us stay on track.

Measuring the effectiveness:

  • Is the KPI related to our objective?
  • What are we assessing with the help of it?
  • Does our assessment metric relate to user experience?


Clearly outline your marketing phases

Digital marketing phases are similar to the traditional sales funnel concept, a step-by-step depiction of each stage of the marketing journey. It is furcated as follows:

  • Promotion
  • Conversion Methods
  • Finishing Touches
  • Retention Strategies

At every stage, marketing factors are supposed to sway a bit owing to the exact marketing demographics. Like, the digital marketing agency in Gurgaon will add the demographic to the marketing funnel for further refinement.

The digital marketing process

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a crucial component of a digital strategy & has a significant impact on customer acquisition & revenue. Almost every client begins the search online, & ranking high can earn an amount of organic traffic.

One can employ a variety of SEO methods:

  • Generate high-quality material
  • Improve page speed
  • Simplify website design & navigation
  • Credible Backlinks, etc.

SEO is a long-time approach, & it takes months to have some positive results. And, therefore, taking the regular service of the best digital marketing company is worth the cost.

Website analysis & recommendation

Have a flexible approach in the strategies

Whatever your marketing strategy is, it should allow for some wiggle space. It entails leaving certain blank areas on your timeline for you to fill up as you go. It also implies leaving some wiggle room for important events, competitor initiatives, or unanticipated investments.

One should constantly evaluate & ask questions:

  • Is there room for improvement for the current processes?
    It links to the evaluation of methods applied in the strategy. Then figure out that if they can get improved further for better results.
  • Are the KPIs meaningful at this stage?
    KPIs or Key Performance indicators of a strategy show how well the execution of a digital marketing strategy has taken place. Because, when the KPIs are relevant & meaningful to the current stage, they can point out actual results.
  • Where does the majority of the traffic flow?
    All the strategies & efforts have a single motive, increase user traffic. Sensing where most of the user traffic is going helps in understanding the positive & negative aspects of a strategy.
  • Which tools are more effective?
    Each set of tools & services utilized for executing a digital strategy has different impacts & outcomes. Some may favor, some may not; some may show better results, some may not. Therefore, it is crucial to calculate the effectiveness of the applied ones.


Publish relevant & engaging content

Different forms of content serve matching objectives, so as you work on the marketing plan, one has to incorporate ideas accordingly. Geographic locations also play a crucial factor, like a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon will focus on a content framework that relates to the local audience.

While this may appear hard, it isn’t if you compile the content ahead of time & keep it arranged according to keywords and categories.


Feedback analysis is crucial

It is what we need to put everything in place & as we move through each phase of our approach. One needs to monitor how well each stage of your funnel is performing & consider re-engagement efforts if the conversions are discouraging.

While, the main focus of a digital marketing company in India is to continue executing new strategy, without focusing on the performance of the earlier ones. But, Webdecorum defies this trend; it believes & sticks to the one those profits the client most. They compare predicted outcomes to the actual results. So, when it comes to amendments, they know what to do.



A successful digital marketing strategy is never easy to implement. But, with some practice, it might work effectively. The conclusion is that human behavior affects our ROI. Therefore, always approach it from the user experience perspective.

To be an apt online marketer, you must grasp a plethora of digital marketing components. These are only a few of the most significant ones, but there are many more that you must master. Visit our Knowledge Centre to learn more about digital marketing & online advertising.

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