Full Stack Development – the present and the future of the software industry

The Future of Full Stack Development

Updated on September 21, 2021


Full-stack web development is the process of creating end-to-end online platforms and solutions. Full-stack developers offer full-featured website and software development services. These “all-around programmers” know different web design technologies and programming languages. From design, development, and testing to deployment, resource gathering, and production support – full-stack developers can do it all.

Webdecorum, being the leading Website Design Company , has always been committed to exploring the latest full-stack technologies. Our workforce is full of strategic full-stack developers. Clients love working with our full-stack developers because they can handle large workloads. As a result, our full-stack product or website development projects require fewer workers, less time, and fewer resources.

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What is Full Stack Web Development – Why Should Your Business Care?

If your business is remotely involved in web design or app development, and you’re looking for a web design service company, you should prioritize investing in full-stack development. Here’s why.

Understanding Full Stack Developments Processes:

In software terminology, a ‘stack’ refers to a combination of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks used in app/website development projects. Most software or website development projects are divided into areas-

Front-End Development

    • The “client-side” user-experience part of software or website development projects. As website designers, we always get requests to implement highly attractive visual elements on our clients’ websites and apps. Our frontend developers always make software and websites that look and function well on the user-end (they offer great User Experiences).


Back-End Development

  • This covers the “hard coding” aspects of the app or website. Responsibilities of a backend developer include – managing databases, facilitating database interactions, performing calculations to ensure consistent web/app performance. While the code runs on the “frontend,” all actual coding-related tasks are majorly handled by backend developers.


Stacks describe the layers involved in mobile app or website development processes (e.g., a backend stack or a frontend stack). A full-stack consists of all the components required in both frontend and backend development.

Full-stack developers understand how each tech stack interacts with the other. Our website company have complete mastery over all the tech stacks needed to complete web/app building projects. Their responsibilities include –

  • Debugging
  • Managing the Version Control System (VCS)
  • Providing full mobile app development services
  • Exploring the latest frontend technologies
  • Implementing DevOps, and other database technologies in projects
  • Creating websites that can offer/receive cloud services
  • Complete management of UI and UX design using both back and frontend technologies
  • Maintaining and running all backend architecture

A full-stack developer at a website company will essentially have mastery over all the ingredients needed to complete software/website development projects. Their mastery over web frameworks and making different tech layers in a stack interact with each other makes them extremely valuable in modern-day web design projects.

What Services Does a Full Stacks Development Company Provide?

When you partner with a full range development company, you partner with professionals who understand all the critical tech stacks needed for advanced software/website development projects. Some of them include –

  • CodeIgniter: MySQL, API, and PHP.
  • WordPress: MySQL or MariaDB (as Database), Plugin Architecture, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • Shopify: Ruby on Rails framework, and Customization.
  • Magento: MySQL or MariaDB (relational database management system), Zend Framework Elements, and PHP (programming language).
  • Laravel: MySQL, API, HMVC Framework, and PHP.
  • Ionic: Shadow DOM, Web APIs, Ionic CLI, and Cordova Plugin.
  • React: JavaScript Library, and SPA (Single Page Application) or Mobile Application.

As a leading app and web design service company, full-stack development is a given in all our software development projects. Plus, our programmers are also masters of HTML and CSS. They combine their full-stack development skills and their web design skills to code premium-grade websites, web browser applications, server applications, and custom applications.

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A top full-stack app and web development service company will provide –

Backend Code Optimization

    • For every programmer at our development company, backend code optimization is a basic skill set. From creating logically structured websites to implementing DevOps to facilitate flawless data processing – backend developers use all types of programming languages (PHP) to create optimized backend solutions for our client’s digital platforms.

Frontend Code Optimization

    • Create flawless interface solutions for app/website development projects of all scales. Our full-stack development experts know CSS, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, and other programming languages. They can make any website or app’s interface user-friendly and appealing.

Database Management

    • The team of full-stack specialists at our web design company in Gurgaon understand how different databases function (MySQL, Access DB, etc.) Their understanding of database relations allows us to create consistent, cloud-friendly solutions for our clients.

API Integration

    • All full-stack developers have a deep understanding of infrastructural connections. They can implement APIs and other third-party services on apps, websites, etc. API integration makes collaboration easier for businesses.

Overall Project Management

  • Full-stack developers work closely with their clients, so they have sufficient administrative skills to oversee different aspects of a web/app development project. From ensuring the project’s online security to using hybrid forms of website development – full-stack coding experts can design and manage all types of projects from scratch.

Why Work with a Full Stack Web Development Company?

By working with a Full Stack Web Development Company, a company can make the most of the latest programming technologies and languages. HTML, Reactjs, PHP, etc. – these technologies can all help a business create a stellar online presence. That’s why working with experts of full-stack frameworks gives companies more flexibility. Companies can choose which latest features/technologies they want in their website or app.


Our web company specializes in full-stack development. We offer all-in-one web/app development and data management services. We can conduct all stages of web/app development projects – from the initial ideation to the final project presentation. Full-stack developers in our web design company in Gurgaon are also trained to minimize project costs at every opportunity.

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