Building Websites for 2023 and Beyond: How the Best Website Design Companies are Operating

Updated on November 18, 2021


Creating impressive, effective, and long-lasting web designs is a daunting process. However, high-quality web designing services are critical for modern-day businesses – whether you’re a small-scale start-up or an established business. Web design in 2022 and beyond will go through various seismic changes. In May of 2021, Google announced its latest Page Experience update.

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Abiding by this update is vital, or else you may see your websites disappear from Google’s SERPs. When it comes to making websites rank higher in Google’s listings, our team at Webdecorum has always succeeded. Being a leading web design company, we employ the most experienced web designers who are at the cutting edge of all these recent developments.

Around 94% of the users have their first impression about the healthcare websites locked up based on the design of the site. More so, it might be a bit shocking to learn that visitors will not spend more than 50 milliseconds to form a significant impression of website design.

We are well aware of the web design trends that will dominate in 2022 and beyond. Read on to learn what web design elements you’ll need to include in your web design to attain better results.

Furthermore, 38% of people will not even think about visiting your website again if you have an unfortunate layout design and the content seems unattractive. So, focusing on the latest trendy designs for your webpages forms a crucial point to address around here.

Simplicity is Key – Create Simple Homepages

During the lockdowns, people’s lives became smaller, simpler, and calmer. Your web design should also display these features. The move back to clean designs, plenty of white space, and small but impactful content are obvious. Modern-day Internet users don’t want to be overwhelmed with extra-flashy graphics or excessive content.

Whether you employ search Engine Optimization (SEO) or use mobile apps to draw target users to your web designing – you will need high-quality homepages. Your homepage will be the primary representation of your brand. It must be a useful resource to inform potential leads about your brand, USPs, products, services, and offerings.

Some studies show that around 75% of the users will come up with judgments about a firm’s credibility depending on the visuals only. So, coming up with stunning results is a mandatory point to jot down.


But, designing complex homepages won’t work in the current landscape. Avoid overwhelming your website visitors by only including elements that interest your target audiences. The best website design company will integrate only a few design elements on homepages that make the most impact. They include –

Key Components for Creating Simple Homepage

  • Clear Value Propositions: Set the tone early for your visitors with brief, to-the-point value propositions.
  • Social Media Links: Every user that visits your homepage should follow and engage with your brand’s social media profiles. Make sure your homepage features social media buttons in conventional, easy-to-find sections.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: The homepage should be easy to navigate, understand, and use for all first-time visitors. To make the homepage intuitive, make it reflect the typical behavior of your existing customers. For instance, if your “Products” section is your most high-traffic webpage, make it easily accessible on your homepage.
  • Contact Details: Most internet users look at the footers on websites for details like – email, phone numbers, and other company details. Always have these details readily available for visitors as it boosts credibility.
  • Content Highlights: Whatever content is at the heart of your content marketing strategy should be highlighted on your homepage.
  • Subscription Boxes:Add small but noticeable subscription boxes, preferably with lead magnets.

Here are some other important homepage design elements that businesses may choose to include –

  • Client testimonials
  • Overview of services, products, or features
  • Awards and certifications
  • Associations with relevant businesses

Always use high-quality images on your homepages. Lastly, but most importantly, add simple but effective Calls-to-Action. Clarify what action you want your users to take after they are done exploring your homepage. A top web design company will first build an efficient homepage and then create other web pages in a similar style.

Reflective Web Design – Create a Tone for Your Website

Websites are extensions of the brands/companies they represent. Hence, their designs should be consistent and in alignment with the brand values, goals, themes, etc. Don’t overelaborate or update your web design too many times.

  • Choose colors and fonts that make target audiences think of your industry and brand.
  • Create a sense of association with your target audiences by choosing clean, modernized web design styles that reflect your company.
  • Always use calm tones in background colors/illustrations to give visitors something soothing to look at.


Easy Navigation – The Key to Retaining Visitors

Many target customers will visit your website to look up a particular piece of information. Make these pieces of information easily accessible, especially for your mobile user customers. Create web designs that make your web pages easily “skim-able.”

Here’s how expert providers of web designing services create easily navigable websites

  • Replace all broken links on the website – each link should lead to somewhere useful.
  • Declutter by simplifying the layout of your content section.
  • Write content in small, sectioned paragraphs so that users can scroll through it and pick out relevant pieces of information.
  • Use graphics to make vital business-related information stand out.
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read.
  • Use hamburger menus (also known as hidden menus) to organize all web pages of your site.
  • Include visual elements like photos, gifs, videos, infographics, etc., to catch and retain your visitor’s interest.

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Make sure you design your navigation, keeping these details in mind. All web pages and web content should be optimized for mobile users and search engine algorithms. This means creating a responsive web design with a strong SEO strategy.

Webdecorum is the best website design company to help you achieve these crucial web designing objectives in 2022 and beyond! Leverage our team’s experience to create websites that will rank high and look good no matter what device the end-user is using.

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