React Native: What is it? Why is it used?

React Native: What is it? Why is it used?
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Businesses often encounter the dilemma of the kind of Android or iOS development to offer their customers in mobile applications. They can either work on making friendly User Interfaces (UI) and elevate the User Experience (UX), or they can develop apps that are compatible with a variety of platforms. The latter is also easier to develop. This dilemma can be taken care of by REACT Native Development.

With REACT Native, you can save time on developing your app on multiple platforms. Any mobile app development company can assist you. You will only need to code the JavaScript and your mobile apps will be supported in Android as well as iOS systems and REACT Native will take care of the rest. Backed by Facebook, this has gained REACT Native immense popularity in the coding network. It is based on ReactJS, a fresh change from the usual use of AngularJS and also its competitor.


There are some similarities between ReactJS and REACT Native. Both are developed by Facebook by using the same design principles. However, their difference lies in the designing interface. ReactJS creates User Interfaces using an open-source JavaScript library while REACT Native is a framework that makes use of a hierarchy of components of User Interface to build JavaScript code. REACT Native can build mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms and even offers a feel that is more likable by users.

The iOS and Android REACT Native mobile and web apps both use the same codes. It is only necessary to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Then, why is the REACT Native Framework important?

  • As REACT Native has an open-source framework, its UI can be used in iOS as well as Android platforms. The growth of this framework is versatile and, hopefully, it will be compatible with Windows and tvOS soon too.
  • REACT Native development is easy to use and has high efficiency.
  • You can reuse the components of REACT Native as it has counterpart rights. The components can be used for both iOS and Android apps, can be used within an existing code or reused. For reusing the code, you will require a plug-in and have to ensure that the code is Cordova-based. If you want to use it in an existing app, then it must either be a Cordova or Ionic code.
  • For developers who are experts in JavaScript, REACT Native is a great option as it does not require them to learn Java specific to Android or iOS’s Swift.
  • REACT Native focuses on the UI reducing the load-time and giving the app a smoother feel.


One of the major reasons for developers all over the world, like in any web design and mobile apps company in Singapore, to prefer to REACT Native’s framework is that it ends the tough choice for them to have to choose between developing an app in the Android platform or iOS. Now the businesses and companies can launch their apps on both platforms simultaneously. It makes the launch profitable for the company too since the iOS platform brings more profits but the number of Android users globally is comparatively more, providing the required strength to make an app successful. Hence, it’s a favorite of any web design and mobile apps company in UK as well. On the customer’s end, they don’t have to wait for an app to release on their platform so the world can enjoy an app together! This makes REACT Native attractive to global companies like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, Baidu Mobile, Bloomberg, UberEATS, Vogue, and many more.

Why is the REACT Native Framework Used?

The REACT Native framework only needs the JavaScript code and then it can weave its magic to develop mobile applications in different platforms with the same code. Here are some pros and cons of the REACT Native framework to help you decide for yourself:



One Code, Multiple Platforms

REACT Native Framework was developed for iOS initially. The success of the framework led Facebook to create it to cater to the Android platform as well. Both platforms can use a single code to develop an app, increasing REACT Native’s popularity.

Lag-free and Smooth Performance

‘Hybrid’ or ‘mobile web’ apps were initially popular for their rarity, but their performance was not top-notch. If an app has a complex code, there is a chance that it will lag. REACT Native framework comes into play here as it solves the problem of lagging by compiling even the most complex codes. Not just that, it ensures smooth functioning in both iOS and Android platforms.

Reusability in Codes

The various components of the code can be reused in the REACT Native Framework. This allows faster development of apps. The need is for the code to be either in Cordova or Ionic.

REACT Native, along with NodeJS, is a popular choice for developers across individuals and organizations globally owing to its timesaving abilities and successful creation of mobile apps.


Will Improve with Time

The REACT Native Framework has some custom modules missing. This makes the process of building an app time-consuming as you have to create your own modules. These issues are yet to be corrected.

Needs Technical Knowledge

Even though many functions are easy to navigate and only requires knowledge of JavaScript for coding, there are some undeveloped areas as well for which the framework is better suited for professional developers. They will be able to sort the glitches and bugs.

Uncertain Lifespan

REACT Native framework was developed by Facebook and it gives them total rights to it. This is why the stability of its existence is a little dicey as Facebook has the power to terminate its use at any point in time. However, its popularity makes this scenario less likely to occur.



There are a few cons that need to be worked on, but the pros of the REACT Native Framework make it pass with flying colors amongst developers. You can take the help of developers in any mobile app development company in india to help you out.It is becoming the number one choice for REACT Native development companies for developing mobile apps.

The framework’s pre-packaged elements, efficiency, and reusability make the developer’s experience easy. At the same time, it can compile complex codes, allowing to creation of an app with the same code on various platforms. This multi-platform framework reduces both the cost and the workload of developers. The giant companies are also trusting REACT Native Framework, making the consumers of the world experience new apps every day.

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