Updated serving and conversion reporting for Google iOS App campaigns

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Starting in July 2019, Google will be changing the way they serve Google Ads and report conversions for Google Ad customers’ iOS App campaigns, which will help iOS App publishers to reach more users on Google.com for these campaigns. Google uses machine learning technology to help attribute installs and in-app actions to a Google.com ad interaction on a web browser. Note that some of these conversions will be modeled and that reporting for App ads served to iOS users on Google.com will be available only within Google Ads.

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Next steps

iOS App Publishers will probably see an increase in conversions for iOS App campaigns. Webdecorum India recommends that Google Ads Customer monitor Google Ad conversions and adjust bids to make sure there are no unexpected changes in acquisition volume.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Webdecorum Google Ads / PPC account team or contact us at any time.

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