Tips to Increase WordPress Website Security

Imagine one fine day you find your WordPress Website to be nowhere, what to do then?

tips to increase WordPress Website Security

Updated on April 18, 2023


Imagine one fine day you find your WordPress Website Security to be nowhere, what to do then?

Such things may happen to anybody… You cannot get hold of hackers, but you can increase the WordPress website security so that nobody can ever mess with your website and use them for their personal fun or advantages.

These things can be avoided by taking some precautionary steps that can help in increasing the website’s security.

Here there are some important tips that can help you in fixing up such crucial issues

1. Backup

The backup of the Website must be taken care of before any other thing because safeguarding your work is very important. Usually, the hosting companies keep a backup of the website but still, you must also keep one with you for extra safety purposes.
WordPress website security must not be taken easily because a little negligence can be harmful. With the help of numerous plugins and services provided by WordPress such as CodeGuard, BackupBuddy or VaultPress you can easily back up your website on different location/servers instantly.

2. Update your blogs

WordPress adds to the website security enhancements with every new release that is updated on the blog. New releases are welcomed with new updates.
Not only this, the themes, as well as plugins, must be updated time to time because they also release the WordPress Security enhancements that restrict malicious activities of hackers.

3. Get rid of the useless Themes and Plugins

The outdated scripts of themes and plugins that are not in use have to face security issues. Hackers can easily hack such sites because of some existing vulnerabilities. It is easy to fix the security threat but if the theme is not updated, then in such case the hacker can easily get access to the website.
It is better to inspect your themes and plugins from time to time and if you find them not in use just remove it for the WordPress website security purpose.

4. Avoid admin as Username:

Hackers know it very well that earlier before the launch of WordPress 3.0; the default administrator user name was ‘admin’.
If you still use ‘admin’ as your username beware of the consequences, because you are exposing your website to malicious activities. If the username is known to the hacker then they will simply have to crack the password.  Changing the username is impossible in WordPress, so you can create a new user and delete the earlier one.

5. Use strong and unique password:

The password must be strong and unique in the WordPress Website security, because a weak password may easily be recognized by a hacker with the help of their brute force. Use the password keeper tool such as LastPass, 1Password and KeePass to store the password and information safe. It is advisable to use 14-word password having character and numeric digits.

6. Clean computer

With the help of antivirus software clean your computer because hackers usually attack through viruses and search for an FTP connection. Once they are able to connect to your website through FTP they can easily upload anything without your knowledge.

7. Transfer Files with sFTP

With the help of special programs the data send through FTP can be read. To protect them, it is advised to make use of sFTP connection. This type of connection provides WordPress website complete security so that nobody can access the sensitive information.
Now think again if your site is truly secure from hackers and other malicious activities. Make sure that you follow each step that is provided here to stay safe.

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