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Ionic Framework App Store

Are you thinking of launching a new app? Are you confused thinking about what web technologies to use to build your app? Well! Do you know that Ionic and Angular power about 10% of all apps on iOS and 20% of all apps on Android? Those apps that are powered by some of the web technologies as ionic and angular thrive well in the app store.

Various mobile app development companies in India, Singapore, the UK, and other developed countries utilize, Singapore, the UK, and other developed countries utilize Ionic the latest web tech to develop the best mobile user interface modules that function well on the web, desktop, and some native applications. It is a mobile app developing framework depending on HTML 5 that has a wide utilization in developing applications.


The most important thing is it is open source and several variants of Ionic is completely dominating the whole tech zone. Some other features of the Ionic framework are mentioned as below:

  1. Platform independent framework:

    Ionic framework is compatible with various operating systems and allows the designer to create applications by providing a single unified codebase.

  2. Helps create attractive mobile applications:

    Helps create robust designs; themes which are customizable and help create attractive designs mobile your app.

    Webview Ionic

  3. Lucrative interface:

    Provides attractive user interface, when combined with Angular JS – a globally comprehensive framework available for developing web and mobile based applications.

  4. Support numerous plug-ins:

    Ability to support many plug-in, that help designers create an ideal mobile application.

  5. Provides default user-interface:

    Ionic framework comes with a default user-interface like CSS and JS. It helps support developers customize mobile application.

  6. Improved performance:

    Ionic framework provides not only a user-friendly ecosystem but also developer friendly.

  7. Reliable technology with native experience:

    The Ionic framework comes with a Reliable technology which can be beneficial in future as it is future-proven technology. It gives the feasibility to update the code whenever and wherever you want to efficiently and effortlessly.

Besides, ionic SDK is also being utilized for front end development of mobile apps that are compatible with iOS, Android as well as Windows by making use of sharable codebase. Now when mixed with angular, which is a JavaScript framework and mobile-optimized you can easily develop highly performing hybrid applications that run universally.

Why use the Ionic framework?

Ionic framework is the bridge between Angular web and hybrid mobile applications. It helps various developer and ionic app development company in UK, India, and other countries create high performance and highly interactive applications. Some other advantages of using ionic framework are:


  1. It is an open source framework, provides highly reliable technology and security.
  2. Cost effective, easy to learn, compatible with many plug-ins, customizable and possess functionalities of popular programming languages.
  3. Ionic comes with a unified code-base that allows developers to use cross-platform applications with the use of a single codebase.
  4. Provides native user interface, simple testing feature that helps run the apps on its own browser.
  5. Ionic framework is user-friendly and allows push notifications, track important information, update ionic applications, and provides smooth interaction according to the business requirement.
  6. Ionic framework utilizes a powerful technology, that enables developers to create lengthy mobile and web based applications.
  7. Help escape DOM manipulation that limits the performance of various mobile application.

For varied reasons users visit app stores and perform application download that assists them in their daily chores. Users look for To-do apps, work-specific apps, and many more. A large portion of these apps is developed by web company in UK, Singapore, India, and other developed countries using ionic and Angular. Have a look at some of the important insights to better understand the matter.

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