How to Increase Clicks on Email Marketing

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The best and up-trending way is E-mail Marketing for Commercial Messaging targeting to reach out each consumer on a personal, one-on-one level. Everyone uses an E-mail as a part of their marketing tactics, whether it’s an E-mail promoting the business or upcoming movies with an additional combo offers or in a corporate mass E-mailing updating employees with the policies, code of conducts, achievements and upcoming events or many more which directly or indirectly creates an impact on the recipient forgive a click and left an impression of loyalty.

So, keeping a view on how you can easily achieve the target of click rates through E-mail marketing, here are some tips for you, from our expertise:

1. Put an Effective yet Attention seeking Subject Line:

Well, one of the major points to get the hits on E-mail is to putting an E-mail Subject Line with a sense or intelligence that it will grab the attention and user should be encouraged in a manner to click on and read your E-mail. One can do this by assisting one or more of these strategies:

  • Keep the Subject Line Simple and Focused.
  • Subject Line must have Five to Seven Words only for keeping it shorter and easily readable on devices.
  • The subject line must not contain spam trigger words so that it will land in Inbox directly instead of SPAM.
  • Using Reader’s name or Company’s name with the clear response, the more personalized the subject line the more click-through rate increases.

2. Monitor And Check Who’s interested:

Another point is to observe, evaluate who clicked on a message and then send focused oriented messages, especially to those most interest people groupset. The performance of your E-mail receivers will give a significant vision into when and what content they wish, so you can rejoin your success.

ACT Model

3. In spite of everything Time is Money:

It is truly said that “Time is Money” and everyone cares about this fact especially when it comes to spend time anywhere either read an E-mail or making a response on it. So, the point has to be taken care that one should think like an individual or as a customer, not as a company. The Best time or Peak time to send an E-mail is between 1:30 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. as recipients are most active during these afternoon hours as compared to a morning or late night posts.

4. Compatibility to the Browser and onto Mobile Devices:

The E-mail body text should contain the design which makes it so more presentable and appealing and yes it must be compatible with the browsers and on the mobile for the best viewing experience.

HTML Syntax

5. Goal-Oriented:

Before targeting the recipients for getting a click on the E-mail, you should keep the target or goal in mind while sending an E-mail. Ensure you’re communicating with a drive so you can get your message across to your recipients loud and clear.

email call to action

6. Mail Frequency:

How frequently an E-mail is sent by you will be having a noteworthy impression on how often those E-mails get opened. As If a recipient is receiving an E-mail with the same sender having same subject or content or another in a day more than once, then you have a greater chance of having people forget who you are.

7. Keeping your List Clean:

The Internet service providers keep track of how active the people in your list are, and you must use that information to control your deliverability. You may be undecided to decisively lower your number of recipients, but it’s really for the best when considering your overall list health.

8. Test, Re-Test and Assure:

Try changing the subject line or updating the sender’s name and finally testing the send time, this may increase the click rates on the E-mail. Seeing something new and even on the unexpected time will encourage recipient’s eagerness to check and click on E-mail.

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