Bigcommerce- a Boon for Retail Businesses

Bigcommerce- a Boon for Retail Businesses

If you are into retail business, then choosing BigCommerce an eCommerce platform that is a Software Service system can fetch you a lot of advantages.big e-commerce is a digital platform where you pay monthly or annual fees for hosting. If you want to understand why you should choose a BigCommerce platform for your retail business, then this article will give you some good reasons.

In recent past years, the way businesses have adapted to the change is commendable. Many Website Development Company Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) help these online businesses reach new heights by developing platforms necessary for their growth. One such company is Webdecorum that offers various solutions to boost your business growth. With the advent of digital shopping and its dependency on the new normal life, we can see astronomical growth in the number of stores adopting e-commerce for their business. While there are many businesses choosing e-commerce for vending, how can one ensure that your e-commerce store will stand out from the rest and deliver you the exact thing that your customers need?

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The initial step to having a successful e-commerce business starts with choosing the right e-commerce platform. Webdecorum a leading website design, e-commerce website, and eCommerce development company that specializes in web designing, mobile/web application development, and eCommerce solutions can help you in your business.

Out of numerous e-commerce platforms available, BigCommerce is the one that comes with a bundle of performance-enhancing functionalities and a plethora of modules.

BigCommerce? What is it?

BigCommerce is an advanced form of eCommerce platform that provides SaaS e-commerce programming. It lets you fasten the growth of your business by holding all the potential of the enterprise eCommerce without charging you much. Webdecorum a web company that specializes in E-commerce solutions will help you understand the role of BigCommerce in your retail business. While one can find many online platforms available in the market, mentioned are the top reasons which will make you choose a BigCommerce platform for your business.

BigCommerce website using in Alexa top million sites

  1. The most powerful eCommerce platform:

    The first thing one should know is that BigCommerce is a platform that offers several options to its users such as the ‘standard’, ‘plus’ and, ‘pro’. It has numerous built-in tools when compared to all other eCommerce platforms, Less cost, Instant access to hundreds of features, secure hosting, and much more.

  2. High flexibility:

    At times, there will be a considerable shoot up in demand for products with many customers choosing to purchase online. In such cases, to handle the variation with much ease you will need a platform that can handle it with less or no straining. BigCommerce has the potential to accommodate the high demand rates and fall back when it subsides. It is all due to its stable host program. This also helps the merchant by limiting the need to stall the system when you need it most.

  3. Elemental and Built-in marketing tools:

    With the help of in-built marketing tools in BigCommerce, one can reach out to potential customers and clients and inform them about the various goods/services that they want to sell. In online business, BigCommerce works by making use of other online systems available to reach out to potential clients. These services may include email marketing, messaging through social media platforms, SEO analytics, review apps, and numerous other things. Some of the marketing tools of BigCommerce include Repricer, Omnisend, Facebook, Yotpo, Justuno, and MailChimp. Each of these marketing tools has a specific marketing role for the products, and this makes BigCommerce an ideal platform to be chosen by online businesses.

    Elemental and Built-in marketing tools

  4. SEO-friendly and SEO-Ready:

    Taking your eCommerce business to success is no mean feat. Platforms like BigCommerce help you optimize your online store and cope up with the vigorously changing algorithms of the search engines. It helps drive your eCommerce growth by following the most up-to-date SEO practices and by providing different SEO-friendly features like auto-optimized titles and URLs. BigCommerce website development platform also lets you add keyword-rich information in the SEO field manually.

    Bigicommerce search appearance overview

  5. Diverse payment option:

    Payment is an important aspect of any business/enterprise that should not be missed. eCommerce businesses may limit the payment option to what the business accepts which may cause losing some of the important customers due to lack of access to the provided options.

    However, BigCommerce has tried to solve this problem by providing multiple payment methods. These options include cheques, debit cards, credit cards, mobile payments, and electronic bank transfers. BigCommerce Development Company helps you to set up a point-of-sale payment system that accommodates every customer’s needs.


  6. Convenient and universally accessible interface:

    A user-friendly interface refers to a web design that is easy to learn and use. BigCommerce offers an elaborate and open interface despite being a robust platform. The interface is made of options from which a user can pick and choose depending on their wishes. All navigation, user input, and help options are strategically placed to help the customer easily use the platform.

  7. Numerous app add-ons’:

    The next reason why you should choose BigCommerce is that it has partnered with other apps to help make the sales process a success. These apps can play different roles, such as reviewing, advertising, offering promotional services, or referring customers to your online stores. Some of these apps include OptinMonster, LifeChat, QuickBooks Online, and Facebook Ads Extension.

  8. 24/7 Customer Support:

    BigCommerce has one of the most hospitable customer service teams that leave no stone unturned to pull things off for you. What matters more than the appealing features is the timely help rendered to you when you need quick support. Here is what makes BigCommerce’s customer support rewarding:

    • Shorter wait times
    • Dedicated expert support
    • Express routing for enterprise customers
    • 24/7 access to support team

    In addition to these support features, BigCommerce also offers coaching, training, and instructional support for businesses of all sizes.

    bigcommerce merchants grow

  9. Additional features:

    BigCommerce in addition to providing all the above benefits also provides its customers with the most intuitive dashboards making the products, returns, and orders manageable. A quick search bar and advanced filtering option for your customers to manage the products on the fly. It is a customer-centric platform that allows you to group the customers based on pricing and demand.

Bigcommerce platform breakdown


This article has provided some of the reasons why you should choose BigCommerce for your retail business. If you are looking for a web design company in Kernersville, North Carolina (USA) that can help you manage the BigCommerce Website Development platform then consult Webdecorum (Official BigCommerce Partner). Contact us in case you have any queries related to BigCommerce.

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