Angular – The most used framework for mobile and desktop

Angular - The most used framework for mobile and desktop
Angular Mobile App Development

It is always confusing while considering a tool or tech stack for your business. As a business owner, you cannot risk your business as taking risks can cash on at any moment. In such cases, you must look for a tool that can give you the most benefits for your firm. One such tool is the Angular framework – a javascript framework that is maintained by Google.

Why an Angular framework?

Well, the Angular framework is one of the most advanced frameworks used by most businesses and is also deemed to be the best by many enterprises. The framework is at par in its performance when compared to other available frameworks. Also, it is constantly improving on its previous versions as well.


Below mentioned are reasons that give a fair idea of why one should use Angular applications for their business.

Why should people use AngularJS for their business?

  1. Out-of-the-box functionality

    Angular framework smoothens the development process. It not only eases the routing process by providing tools to fetch the data to add to your app, but its preconfigured domain helps take care of the development and testing as well.

    It limits the involvement of third-party libraries in creating the basic functionality for your product. It provides an official library of its own which is secured and has an impeccable quality of code. This in turn helps business save their time and app development cost, especially for those investing in mobile app development.

  2. Neat and clean code with TypeScript

    Inbuilt Typescript makes the Angular framework the best framework, as it allows app developers to keep the code clear with its strongly typed feature. This in turn helps your app perform even better by making bug-fixing easier. Typescript allows web developers working in different web technology to spot and completely remove any errors there in the code.

    It also helps large-scale enterprises in managing and maintaining a large codebase. With the recent version of Typescript 3.4, one can get reduced build time, exceptional navigation, type inferring, syntax changes, autocompletion, and restructuring services.

    According to a recent survey, 30.7 percent of software engineers now use Angular JS for the user interface. The Angular developer community grew by 50 percent last year.


  3. Equilibrium with reusability

    As an entrepreneur, you would not like to escalate your developmental cost and reduce the efficiency of your digital product which results due to inconsistent coding. In such a case Angular offers you consistent code, that increases the time-to-market ratio and helps developing mobile & web apps use websites easier while also allowing the use of predefined templates and snippets of code.

    Also, while comparing Angular Vs React one can find Angular to be a more responsive web design framework.

  4. Productivity

    Consistent code of Angular increases productivity by helping developers cut down their time on deciding what function, component, or utility is to be used. All of them are taken care of by the Angular. Consistent code and readability help web developers across all the Web to slot into an ongoing app development project. Angular helps organize different codes into modules which makes app functionality facile. It divides the app functionality into different features and chunks that are reusable and enables feature loading.

    Angular javascript framework helps web developers make achievable goals and manage team members by segregating the labor across different team members.

  5. Easy Maintenance

    Maintaining Angular framework is quite easy and depends upon two ways through Typescript and testability.

    Almost all the established web development company in gurgaon use Typescript to find bugs and help developers learn codebase more quickly by looking at the types of data moving through the application.

    As far as testability is concerned, one of the crucial aspects of Angular is to make test writing easier which also includes support protractor for end-to-end testing. Angular is easy to maintain and while upgrading it to its latest version all the other features like HTTP, Angular, and Routing material are also updated at the same time. In brief, Angular framework material is a set of UI modules and components which include navigation patterns, indicators, buttons, and form controls that are well-tested and are available to use readily. UI modules and components help make the design workflow easy and enable web developers working in various web design company in india to add new elements in an expedited manner.


  6. Declarative programming

    Declarative programming is an essential tool that helps define UI modules in the mobile app. HTML when compared to Java script is less convoluted and involves intuitive programming languages. The functionality of Angular JavaScript helps developers save time by minimizing unnecessary program flows. You just have to define what you require and Angular can help achieve that.

  7. Simplified MVC architecture

    The angular framework facilitates less coding and escalated app performance. The angular framework is embedded with the original Model-View-Controller software an architectural set-up that does not ask developers to dissect the app and separate it into different MVC components.


  8. Easier Unit-testing

    The components in Angular are not clubbed and are independent of each other, which makes the process of unit-testing easier. Apart from this Angular also supports the development of websites and applications that are highly testable. This feature makes Angular outstanding and helps businesses render impeccable digital products.

What are various types of website applications and Mobile applications built with Angular?

In today’s tech world, many companies are using the Angular framework to handle web apps with hundreds of features and components. Some of the popular websites that are based on the Angular framework are listed below:


  1. Netflix

    One of the most popularly used entertainment applications Netflix is based on Angular. All the frontend process of Netflix is based on Angular JS while the backend process is dealt with other frameworks like Python and Flask. The benefits and attributes offered by Angular JS can help save lots of time as well as money.

  2. Upwork

    Upwork is a platform that brings together freelancers and enterprises to conduct business.

    It is an immensely popular platform for freelancers. The whole platform runs on the Angular framework and that is why its web and mobile application has impeccable performance.

  3. YouTube TV

    YouTube TV another angular based platform that is an alternative to Google’s

    Hulu + Live TV service was recently launched in 2017 which offers flawless entertainment to the people.

  4. Gmail

    Gmail, the extensively used website and mobile-based application is also based on the goodness of the Angular framework. Google products mostly are developed using Angular, this is the reason Angular framework is in demand by most of the enterprises and web design company.

    Angular versions are updated regularly and thus in the next few years we would be seeing a massive upsweep of tech giants, integrating the Angular framework to manage their highly prized web apps.

FAQS on Angular Framework?

  1. Is Angular framework a front-end or back-end framework?

    The angular framework is a front-end framework that is powered by JavaScript.

  2. What is the latest version of the Angular framework?

    Angular 12.0.0 is the latest version released in May 2021. As part of this release Angular team fixed couple of bugs and added some features. It has depreciated view engine and will be removed in future release.

  3. What projects can benefit from Angular?

    The angular framework can be used for building single client page applications and is said to be the perfect choice for enterprises.

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