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What makes Magento 2 Different from Magento 1
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Magento 1, the Magento development Company around the world has been growing tremendously. But now the upgraded version of Magento 1 has been launched which is Magento 2 which is even more productive and has got more advanced features. But do you need to upgrade your Magento 1 version to Magento 2? Well, you can find the answer in this article by comparing the differences between the two versions.

Why makes Magento 2 a better version of Magento 1?

Well, we all know that Magento 1 is user-friendly and faster, But Magento 2 is a super-friendly and faster version when compared to Magento 1. Also, Magento 2 supports the latest PHP and has much cleaner coding. Magento 2 was released with new features to solve many of the bugs and drawbacks of Magento. Magento 2 not only offers a user-friendly experience but also is updated with the latest technologies and that is the reason why many top e-commerce businesses rely upon it.

Below mentioned are some major differences between Magento 1 and Magento 2:


We’ll cover:

  1. Is there any difference in the architecture?
  2. Is there any improvement in performance and load times?
  3. Is it more mobile-friendly?
  4. Does it have user-friendly administrative services?
  5. Does it support multiple payment gateways?
  6. Is the checkout process streamlined?
  7. Are there any extension conflicts?
  8. Is it SEO-friendly?
  9. What about security?
  10. Is Magento 2 costly?

Is there any difference in the architecture?


    1. With Magento 1 the main issue was with store performance which has significantly been improved in Magento 2. It also has added technologies that improve the tech stack of Magento 1. Magento 2 supports the latest technologies like PHP versions, advanced browser caching, Composer, Apache, Symfony, Nginx 1.7 or higher. However, Magento 2 is a brand-new platform, which makes it difficult for data migration towards the new version.


Is there any improvement in performance and load times?

    1. The latest architectural changes in Magento 2 have boosted its performance for faster delivery and reduced server response time when compared to Magento 1. The average page load speed of Magento 1 was of over two seconds. Whereas Magento 2 is faster all around in frontend performance with page loading speeds on the homepage and product pages on average around 50% faster. While the checkout is 38% faster with Magento 2.


Is it more mobile-friendly?

    1. Magento is an “open-source solution”, that provides e-commerce development companies the flexibility to change it the way it’s needed. With Magento 1 version one of the major complaints was its mobile friendliness. However, the recent version of Magento which is Magento 2 is significantly more mobile-friendly. The themes in Magento 2 are more responsive, and the checkout process is optimized for mobile. Also, Magento 2 supports Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that can help e-commerce businesses to create a native mobile app-like experience for their website.

Does it have user-friendly administrative services?

    1. The admin panel in Magento 1 was old-fashioned and difficult to navigate. It was also missing an advanced dashboard. Magento 2 supplies a dashboard that displays new orders, and orders last purchased, lifetime retail sales, the average number of orders, top search keywords, bestselling products, income tax, discounts, and more. Magento 2 also enables customers to personalize their products and configure them into data grids to what they most need to see.


Does it support multiple payment gateways?

    1. Magento 2 supports multiple payment gateway pathways allowing customers to make payments easily. All the popular payment gateways are covered like Braintree, Paypal, and Magento 1 requires a third-party integration for custom development work. Whereas, in Magento 2 you do not require additional integrations.

Is the checkout process streamlined?

  • Magento 2 has made the checkout process easier. Where Magento 1 has 6 steps that lead to final checkout, Magento 2 has only 2 steps which make the checkout process more streamlined.

    Magento 1: typically involved six different steps: checkout method, billing info, shipping info, choosing a shipping method, payment information, and reviewing the order.

    Magento 2: Only two steps: shipping and reviewing payments.


Are there any extension conflicts?

  • Extension conflicts are quite a lot with Magento 1 due to the availability of many 3rd party extensions. Evaluating and solving these extension conflicts was not only difficult but also much more expensive as it must be done manually. It was due to rewriting of the same functionality of two or more extensions. However, many Magento development companies can help you fix the problem by charging you for the same. Magento 2 extensions/plugins code does not override instead it overlaps with core code. Also, installing and updating new extensions with Magento 2 has become more comfortable and pocket-friendly due to its newer technology like HTML5, CSS3, Require.js. However, many eCommerce website development companies recommend you be careful with the code.

Is it SEO-freindly?

  • There is no doubt that Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 in terms of SEO. Even though, there is not a great leap from Magento 1 it has got a lot of improvements in terms of rich snippets, XML Sitemap to Meta Tags, Robots.Txt Edit, Google Adwords, and Google tag manager all of which are SEO-friendly tools.

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What about Security?

  • In terms of security, Magento 1 requires some very expensive developmental costs to create and fix those patches for you to maintain a secure site. A web developer or a IT Company in Gurgaon can help you fix those patches. But with Magento 2 you do not have to pay those extra bucks hiring an e-commerce development company. It is 100% secure and allows you to take additional actions without worrying about any violations. With Magento 2 your store and customer data are safe and secured.

    Magento has strengthened hashing algorithm (SHA-256) used in password management. Magento now supports Argon2ID13 via the PHP Sodium extension, which requires the libsodium library version 1.0.13 or higher.

Is Magento 2 costly?

  • You can download community editions of Magento for free. But if you want to purchase enterprise edition of Magento 1 and Magento 2 it may slightly be on the higher side for Magento 2. Where Magento EE license cost starts at $18,000 yearly. You can find the Cost of Magento 2 EE at $22,000 as a yearly cost. In case you hire a Magento development company or a developer, it may cost you extra bucks.

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