Web Development Technologies and Trends to follow in 2023

web development technologies and trends

Updated on February 12, 2020

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Looking for Web Development Technologies and Trends?

Well, you can find a plethora of them. But make sure the website development company is well acquainted with the various Web Development Technologies and Trends that are found to boost your company growth in 2020. In today’s world where life is almost driven by the web, web developers in Gurgaon are working continuously to cope with the changes in technologies. They are together working in environments that are continually evolving. So, to make your presence up to the mark in the market, it’s important to upgrade your industry and work with the most important trends and technologies that arise. So, below mentioned are some top 10 web development service trends and technologies that are growing to boost the market and their significant market shares are mentioned below.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is piloting an exemplary shift in various regions like healthcare, customer service, web development, and others. Even though the technology used in Artificial intelligence is still being validated, but many big techies are investing hugely in the market for artificial intelligence and it is known to grow by 40-50% in the coming decade. Big firms like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others are working aggressively for innovation in artificial intelligence technology, which leads to gain in significant market share by all the industry participants.

AI in healthcare 

With the help of AI in healthcare a mobile app is developed that allows patients to check for their symptoms, consult with doctors and access your previous health records.

AI in market research

Helps capture and drive personalized experiences to their customers.

Artificial intelligence is growing in various fields including the medical field, virtual assistant technology, research, wearables, and web development. In web development, AI enables the analysis and perception of visitors’ behavior on a website.

Artificial Intelligence

Programming Languages

One can find hundreds of programming languages to choose from, in which you can learn some of the best and most demanding programming languages for web development, mobile development, game development and more.

Python is trending for its AI, web development, and machine learning applications, making it the best-suited option if you want to make your career more demanding.

Similarly, languages like Java and C# and have newer derivatives that can make help you be more productive with its new tooling features.


The world widely uses another programming language that powers 95% of all websites. Assuming that you are fluent in this language, being well acquainted with NPM (Node Package Manager) or Yarn can aid you in sharing and reusing code that you share. To do so, it is necessary to have a good understanding of NPM or Yarn.

Nowadays, people are trending towards using an open-source programming language like Google’s Golang for building websites. It also provides you with the benefit of Go playground to test it out first.

programming language


JavaScript Frameworks

There are numerous JavaScript frameworks available. One of the most used, powerful, efficient, JavaScript frameworks is React and Vue that has earned popularity within a short period of time. React is for Static Site Generation and Vue for server-side rendering. Recently, there have been new features and methodologies added to these like React Hooks, Typescript, which is a more structured, object-oriented form of JavaScript.

GatsbyJS a brand new React-based framework for static site generation has recently gained popularity which allows you to get your website on top using Agility CMS that has recently released a source-plugin for GatsbyJS.

SS Libraries and Frameworks

CSS libraries can help your front end development to boost up in the long run. CSS framework like Bulma provides lots of layout ideas and predefined component ideas for developing and speeding up your front-end design processes.?

Bootstrap – an open-source CSS framework may be a little daunting but can provide a good platform for building your website or web-based app.

CodeIgniter – is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.

Laravel – is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.

Web Components 

Web components provide a set of features that helps you to create new HTML tags, customize and create reusable web components, and extend the existing web technologies like web pages and web apps. Working on web components may be similar to working on building components in libraries like React or Angular.

Static Website Hosting (i.e. for JAMstack sites: Netlify)

Netlify and JAMstack are a particular type of web hosting program that provides modern web architecture for deploying fast web sites, which are more secure and highly-scalable. Also, they don’t require a traditional origin server to perform which is like a huge bonus.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can be very daunting and every industry needs to remain prepared for a new change. Many industries that used traditional CMS are heading towards Headless CMS. The CMS called Headless is designed specifically for static websites and it can integrate with multiple platforms using various devices. People are using it for a long duration and it is becoming a mainstream way to deliver content. The headless CMS has more benefits when compared to traditional CMS.

Digital transformation

The adaptability of headless CMS

A headless CMS can not only make your website fast but also make it look aesthetically pleasing. This can correct the errors while opening a website on your mobile. Headless CMS help website developers to work on any programming language to build websites or mobile applications while still allowing full control over the application lifecycle. Many web development companies in Gurgaon works on the headless CMS.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

A single-page application makes a user-friendly web application that helps interacts with the user on a single page by rewriting on the current page. The single-page application does not constitute loading new HTML pages and thus allows smooth user interaction by allowing easy navigation and swirling menus.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots that involve AI and omnichannel have transformed social interactions and benefitted many small businesses as well as big enterprises. Chatbots like voicemail robots, Amazon, Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri have improved customer service and used specifically in marketing and analytics.

Chatbots - Web Development Technologies and Trends

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications is the next big thing in the world of mobile Apps. You can access the app without downloading a mobile app. PWA provides app-like experience to users right in their browsers through its modern web capabilities. This is trending and gaining its momentum because of its capabilities to work offline and sync content to multiple devices.


WebAssembly is another big achievement in the web development world. Some consider it the best friend of JavaScript, or they say it’s the next generation of JavaScript. It’s a small and fast binary format that promises near-native performance for web applications. Developers can use WebAssembly to build high-speed web apps that particularly suit games, music, CAD applications, video editing, and streaming.

The above mentioned were some of the trends and technologies in the web development that is going to hit the market and boost the market growth in the coming years. In order to make your company stand out from the rest, try searching for a good web development company in Gurgaon or a city in which your company is located, which can offer these recent trends to your website.