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WordPress and its leading Content Management System for Sites

WordPress is very famous amongst the small scale and medium sized business sectors. There are numerous misconceptions regarding the use of Content Management System of the WordPress for better Page Rank or for the larger companies. Let us discuss some of them

1. Why Custom based WordPress Websites are opted by the well established brands

To be true not even 1 percent of the websites is mobile friendly, thus it becomes a necessity to brush the skills and with the help of new developments in the coding, Google can access both mobile and desktop sites.

The well known sites that opts for the WordPress Websites are:

  • Tech Crunch: Tech Crunch is developed for creating the WordPress Content Management System based websites that offer tremendous results. It is one of the most trusted website that offers fresh technology news daily.
  • Search engine Land: Search Engine Land comprises of customized website constructed using WordPress that also comprises of various custom widgets and plugins that are developed by the website developers. These websites can easily be accessible using mobile and the desktop services.
  • GE Reports: GE Reports are created using WordPress. Google FeedProxy, SWFObject, Query, TypeKit, jQuery Validates as well as FeedBurner platforms are used while the development of this website.

2. Myth: Safety of Large Business is not guaranteed with WordPress

If you do not stay updated with Content Management System and other WordPress plugins and malware then there are chances that hackers may target you easily.  It is completely a myth that WordPress does not provide proper safety and security… But, have you ever seen any provider providing you 100% security.

A hacker can attack any website; there are numerous companies such as Google, Sony PlayStation and Zappos.com who has fallen victim to such mishaps although they were not using the WordPress platform.

3. Myth: Scalability of WordPress is not effective


To be true WordPress is 100% scalable and this can easily be justified using Google Trends (i.e. A search resource tool available for free). WordPress has emerged as a winner amongst the other Content Management System platforms such as Drupal and Jhoomla. According to Google Trend WordPress receives numerous searches in comparison to the other CMS.

4. Myth: WordPress slows down when traffic is more on a website or large database queries are there.

The speed and security of the website can largely be solved by opting for a private server. Speed of website matters a lot for ever company website. So, it is obvious that instead of going for GoDaddy, big companies would prefer to opt for a private server. Last December, WordPress came up with Automatic service that offers VIP services so that companies get tremendous traffic that too without worrying about the traffic on their hosting site. Thus, saying that WordPress slow down the website is not a truth, but just a myth.

5. Avoid basic Cookie cutter theme and adopt Custom WordPress Theme for uniqueness and proper functionality of the Website

When the website themes are not updated along with the WordPress updates, then aesthetic issues may take place. Content Management System is important, but the look and feel of the website is also equally important. Vab Media’s clients offer special features when they opt for customized WordPress Site. Custom coding makes the website theme lively and attractive for the viewers as well. The Customized WordPress theme provides exclusive personalized elements for personifying the business website. Keeping your business goal as the priority and providing a website that is user /customer friendly.

6. Using the HTML5 Dynamic WordPress Website is advantageous for Search Engine Optimization


With the introduction of Tablets and mobile devices people are looking for developing a website has responsive or a dynamic design rather than the static one. People nowadays use their Smartphone to Google or search things of their requirement. If the website is not compatible with the mobile then most probably it may be a major drawback for your business. HTML5 makes your website responsive.

7. Whether WordPress Content management System is best for business or for individual use

A developer has to perform as per the requirement of the project. Both front end as well as backend coding must be properly coded irrespective of the CMS platform that is being used. If proper monthly monitoring is offered along with the best web designers then businesses can acquire sufficient place for themselves. The answer to the question basically depends upon, what you actually require from the content management system.

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