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Top Ten Tips for Winning Website

If your company’s website is due for an overhaul think carefully about how you are going to create an attractive site that will attract new members and increase revenue.

It needs to be a one-stop-shop information source. When new visitors click onto your website you only have about three seconds in which to capture their attention. So taking the right approach to development is crucial.

Top Ten Tips for Planning Website Redesign and Relaunch Projects

Create a winning strategy: Increase revenue through event bookings, selling training materials and publications. Increase membership with a fast renewals process and lower admin costs.

Understand the market: What do your members want? Conduct member surveys and workshops and monitor member enquiries and comments. Study web analytics to understand how the site is currently being used and whether there’s a requirement for mobile access.

Focus on the user: Your goals to increase revenue and membership should drive the design and the way information is displayed on the website. Users should be able to find relevant content quickly and easily. Consider mobile access for convenience.

Design to cross-sell: The way people navigate on websites is changing. Users select links and stories to gain information on areas of interest. Tag all content to category or topic lists relevant to all audiences in order to cross sell events, training materials and publications.

Integrate your website and membership database: All membership data should be stored in one place to provide members with a personalized, comprehensive service whether they are on the website or using email.

Personalize pages: Use category or topic lists to create specialist interest groups and web pages relevant to individual roles and areas of interest.

My Association: This interactive members’ area should deliver personalized content to specific members and promote a sense of belonging. It’s a hub for advice, ideas, news and profiles and should include a members’ search facility, supplier directory and history of member activity and purchases.

Provide a public platform: Encourage interaction from supporters and the general public as well as members. Provide a platform for them to share expertise and experience. Include comment boxes for feedback, forums and group collaboration features.

Put admin and services online: Membership renewals, new member applications, event management and bookings and purchases get the admin online, integrate it with the member database and save money. Make training courses and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) available online too through podcast and videos.

Create a social media strategy: Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise the profile of your association and its business goals and drive more potential members to your website.

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