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Web design broadly means coverage of various aspects skillfully to produce and maintain websites. The numerable fields of web design comprise interface design, web graphic design, authoring; inclusive of proprietary software and standard coding, search engine optimization and user experience design etc. Overall, it is a team work to give excellent results. The web designing team at web decorum is very well aware of the usefulness and creative requirements of the involved tasks and is always updated with web accessibility guidelines.

Tools and technologies

Web Decorum as best Website Design Company in Gurgaon, uses different tools for different types of production processes, while exerting to update the tools from time to time by innovative techniques and software. To create design prototypes or web formatted imagery we make use of internet and vector graphic packages. Our deliberations include proprietary software with provisions of plug-ins which facilitate bypassing the client’s browsers’ version and are generally created by WYSIWYG editing software while having the option to use software’s programming language too. We use search engine optimization tools for checking ranking of search engine to bring about necessary amendments.


At Web Decorum, we develop the website with the initial efforts to understand and assess our client’s specific needs, requirements, preferences and approach vis-à-vis satisfaction of their prospective clientele’s requirements. Famous for our thorough knowledge and innovative, transparent and creative thoughts and design styles, we offer cost effective website design services; so also a search friendly design to let your site soar high and high to achieve the desired targets. We take keen interest to design scalable, navigable and SEO friendly websites to make them user friendly to help fulfill the desired targets to boost the user’s branded image. We at Web Decorum guarantee the client’s visibility for any type of website design – be it for a basic website or a custom website design – while at the same time ensuring that the client enhances his or her graphic image
To give practical shape to our enviable tasks, we as a best website design Company in Gurgoan have a well knit software and infrastructure to give the best to shape a website with its globally recognized experts employed as web designers and web developers, the two most important task performers, to work on the allotted task of creating a website. These experts are undeniably adept in visual aspects, which comprise layout, typography and coloring in relation to a web page. Our experts also have a good knowledge of various languages as may be desirable to create a site, for want of which at times there are certain encumbrances to expedite the allotted tasks. To provide qualitative development of website, some of our specialized fields are:
  • Typography- As most of the browsers identify with a set number of safe fonts, the Web Decorum design adopts quite a good number of similar style typefaces preferable to a range of typefaces to overcome any complexities.
  • Quality of code- Utmost attention is given to certain standards to ensure avoidance of any discrepancies in coding, security and correctness of the client’s classes and IDs.
  • Page layout- Our website design company takes special care to ensure consistency in the site’s page layout to make navigation user friendly.
  • Visual design- Before undertaking the tasks assigned to it, the Web Decorum takes due care of the specific type of website a specific audience may have in mind to give a favorable touch to the website as per to give true shape to the respective targets and requirements. This helps in good visual design, a must ingredient to identify with the target market.
  • User friendly design- We lay special emphasis on training the user for full understanding of the way the website works by way of deliberating on the user’s experience relating to layout, graphic labeling on the website, easy to grasp instructions and so on and so forth. This venture of ours helps the user in better understanding of the perception of the specific website they aspire to continue.

Prominent Features:

Web Decorum’s characteristic features are:

  • Customer is always in the right and we give all the due weightage to his or her specifics.
  • Our research and development team subsequently issues a questionnaire to get the client’s inputs about his or her specifications.
  • On the basis of the information given in response to the questionnaire, we design the website, specially being mindful of target audience’s website profile, market profile and comprehensive usefulness of the developed site.
  • We offer a few mock ups followed by need-based live demonstrations and seek valuable feedback from the prospective clients before undertaking the tasks.
  • On the client’s server, the final design is implemented only after final approval of the design by the client.

All the following services are inclusive in our website designing:

  • Static Website Design
  • Web Banner Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Flash Website Design
  • Web 2.0 Design
  • PSD to XHTML Conversion
  • Dynamic Website
In essence, Web Decorum comes handy to make available cost effective and affordable website design services, web based applications, eCommerce website design & development, website development, creative websites, creative web designing, custom web design and search engine optimization or SEO services. The clientele have to only provide their company’s profile online, be in touch with us and we are there to let them realize whatever their ideas are, be they in the field of setting a consulting business website or a school website or a business website; we mean any type of website.
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For any graphic and web services, I would definitely recommend these guys. Young and energetic team with customer service at heart. Graham Langley, Partner


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It has been a nice experience to engage with Web Decorum. Nitin possesses a high level of creativity for designing a good website, He understood my needs, engages well and delivered a product which stands up to the Best. Website is appealing, easy to navigate, and engaging. Rajiv Handa, Founder and Chief Learning Office


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Best in the industry who understands customer specific requirements and works out solutions accordingly. Anthony Braithwaite


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