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In today’s fast developing and frequently upgrading era of Information Technology (IT), there is no short to employing expert technical consultants in any field of government and business activity. In the government, there are consultants appointed by government with specific yardsticks for conventional application of information technology. But for the private sector, there is need of special technocrats in this field to boost their business concerns where revenue generation and hospitality are of utmost importance. It is here that Web Decorum comes into play. And being well recognized and tested leader, you are strictly advised to go in to hire Technical Consultants from Web Decorum to bring name and fame to your reputed concern.

Web Decorum offers services of dedicated and professional team of Technical Consultants like Genesys Framework, Siebel, Oracle and SAP disciplines of Information Technology. We offer qualitative and cost-effective IT solutions under the aegis of our offshore facility in Gurgaon, India. We have enviable expertise in IT fields across various verticals like Retail, Finance, Consulting, Manufacturing, Business Process Outsourcing and many other industries.

Apparently any business house would like to appoint consultants with their own defined sets of priorities to complete or maintain their projects in a time bound manner. They would also prefer consultants with their own minimum acceptable standards of education and experience. We help realize this concept of our clients on the basis of mutual interaction and combining their specifics with our skillful planning. To achieve our aims we have the best software and infrastructure and independent teams of innovators in all respective fields of IT. Our technical consultants are well trained and adapted to focus on customer service and customer satisfaction with excellent communication skills and expertise.

Technical Consultancy needs under One Roof

Out technical consultancy solutions mentioned here under cover almost all important aspects of I.T. industry under one roof:

  • Employment of hard working, qualified and loyal manpower with tested skills and talent.
  • Befitting security cover for stored documents and back-ups.
  • Guarantee of providing senior and well recognized experts to take care of basic aspects like specified IT infrastructure environment, software architecture, database design, performance-oriented tuning etc.
  • To do away with any frustration about any of your running programs by adopting manipulations, fresh or added means in a set time-frame and low budget.
  • Development of client specific software and infrastructure to help team-oriented growth in client’s set-up.
  • Different independent experts with regard to handling different systems.
  • Time-bound completion of all targets and projects.
  • To fulfill client’s needs of technical consultants aligned with client’s team or software requirements on part-time of full-time basis.

As testimony of Web Decorum’s tested leading role in consultancy services, our ‘Technical Consultants’ are employed in various parts of the world in countries like the USA and Europe, inter-alia. They work with them directly from the Web Decorum’s head outsourcing office in Gurgaon, India.

Outsourcing Characterics of Web Decorum

There are five key concepts strictly adopted at Web Decorum that radically overhaul the dynamics of outsourcing to give best results:

  • Outsource Work: We outsource talented senior professionals in Genesys Framrwork, Siebel, Oracle and SAP Environment.
  • Outsource from your PC: Our Technical Consultants perform their tasks remotely from the Web Decorum’s head outsourcing office in India by taking care of all spheres of related work on client’s behalf like maintenance mode, trouble shooting, etc. This way we allow the clients to leave all their headache to us and enjoy their value time to watch and work with their employees enjoying all the comforts of their own office.
  • Outsource with no min or max restrictions: With Web Decorum there is no restriction of minimum or maximum heads or departments. The clients can hire 1 to 100+ number of consultants; they can outsource single department or multiple departments and what more they can even outsource a small volume of a particular department.
  • Outsourced- turned-hired employees: As a matter of policy, we place our Technical Consultants exclusively under the direct control of our clients who are answerable to our clients as their own regular employees. The only difference is that the Consultants are not physically present at the client’s office: they work remotely from our head office. Practically, therefore, outsourcing with us means not outsourcing but hiring our respective Consultants.
  • Cost Effective Outsource: The financial liability of going in for outsourcing with us is cost effective for a full-time Consultant. The cost is low so that any firm can easily outsource a consultant. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can thus cheer up that in Web Decorum they find a solace to outsource full-time consultants and allied services well within their budgetary constraints, that too without compromising an iota of quality.

Why Hire Web Decorum

At Web Decorum, we guarantee custom solutions right from consultancy services to all allied services in the field of IT, making visibility of all its creative and innovative functions outstanding by employing all the enviable software and infrastructure handled by exclusive heads in all disciplines. The actual strength of our output lies in the creation of installations and software to the entire satisfaction of our clients and their customers.

Security Concept at Web Decorum

Last but not the least we at Web Decorum give utmost importance to security aspects with regard to all our works from beginning to end. With the hackers being successful even in the cyberspace, security threats are being encountered in all spheres of IT. So much so that vis-à-vis space technology also, security concerns are being taken very seriously. At Web Decorum we address all the security concerns with our globally tested and recognized software and infrastructural paraphernalia to rid our clientele of any reservation on this score.

Opportunity to Web Decorum to Serve

We assure our clients that they will have no regrets if they decide to offer an opportunity to Web Decorum to serve them.

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