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Mobile Application Development
In the very near future, mobile applications are going to be the single most important factor in the I.T. field. With this key scenario in mind, Web Decorum has already covered a long way to offer tough time to the competitors. As on date we are capable of developing mobile applications to install application software on variants like handheld devices with low power such as mobile phones, enterprise and personal digital services. We have the expertise to pre-install necessary applications on phones at the manufacturing stage. Web Decorum also has the expertise to develop web applications with client-side and server-side processing to simulate application within the web browser. Our designed mobile applications accelerate performance of the smart phones to connect with respective clients expeditiously with maximum clarity, and thus induce the end-users for the maximum benefit of our clientele.

We enable development of many type of applications like air ticket booking, GPRS road map, business apps for asset tracking, 3D games apps, vendor apps, social application apps etc.

We at Web Decorum develop customer-centric mobile applications for customer’s chosen platforms. We take special care to develop cross platforms for expeditious development of applications. The worth of our success in the mobile application field stands tested by way of recognition of our services by big brands in the fields of social networking, GPS, game applications, deals aggregator, group deal sites, payment gateway, maps, shopping cart etc. etc.

What We Do?

At Web Decorum, we have created ways and means to develop user friendly application algorithms to ensure the client’s presence on Mobile in an expeditious manner. We guarantee mobile applications dynamic enough to withstand the foreseeable ambitions of our customers. In addition, we make available necessary technology to our clients to deploy, test and write applications vis-à-vis targeted platform environment, whereby we ensure that each platform embodies a well knit development environmentally well sustainable.

As a rule, we copycat the mobile applications within the development environment by using emulators and thereafter go in for field trials. We have all the paraphernalia to undertake our jobs successfully. We use all sorts of tools like Official Android SDK Emulator, BlackBerry Simulator, Google Android Emulator, iPhoney, TestiPhone etc. at every stage of conducting our trials. Our research has privileged us to develop in-house expertise for each of variant mobile development methodologies.

Our qualitative and cost effective network in the field of mobile applications undeniably gives sufficient space to our customer to choose from variety of options to achieve their goals.

Given hereunder are characteristics of our hard, innovative and creative tasks in the field of Mobile Development:

Importance of HTML5 in Mobile App Development

HTML5 today is taken as the backbone for all the coming web development targets in respect of Desktop as well as Mobile Platform. HTML5 is thus one of the most important ingredients to developing Mobile Applications. We have all the wherewithal to employ HTML5 based mobile web applications which broadly comprise provisions like Canvas and Video; Database APIs; offline support; advanced techniques to comply with specialized tasks like field accreditation on the mobile browser; and the Geo-location API.

With our inventive and farsighted logical designing, we guarantee that mobile applications developed by us will consummate your specifics and will result in unbelievable return on your investments.

Why Should You opt for Web Decorum?

  • Web Decorum has several years of IT experience with tested credential in the field of mobile apps development.
  • We have a special team of innovators equipped with skilful professional expertise in the field.
  • Secure, qualitative and cost effective development of the apps is our goal.
  • Each and every application developed by Web Decorum is a fascinating reflection on the brand and standard of the respective industry.
  • We always keep ourselves tuned to updated technology to foresee the fast innovative requirements in the field to ensure best development of mobile applications to stand the test any time to justify our being leader in the field.
  • It is to highlight here that we undertake utmost care to ensure security aspects involved in the user’s assigned targets. For this, we fully collaborate with our clients at all stages and complete the tasks to the entire satisfaction of our clientele by integrating the clientele’s specifications and our innovative and creative technological expertise.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our motto. We assure you that your will never regret your decision to give us the honor to serve you.
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