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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity for your Business

Corporate Identity
Every business organization, whether small or big, desires to cut a niche in the commercial market. Corporate identity design helps build brand image; a solid brand image successfully etches a company’s product and services in the minds of its users and potential users.

A strong corporate identity augments your company’s presence in the market. It differentiates your business from other similar businesses and makes your competitors stand up and take notice. A company with established corporate identity taps more target audience and creates longer-lasting impressions on consumers than companies without.

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To begin with, it is important to know that the corporate identity, just as individuals’ personality, is the image with which your company can be identified. A company’s corporate identity is the group of attributes and values a company has: its “personality”, its reason of being, its spirit and soul. The image reflected by the “company’s personality” will make the company identifiable and different from the rest and it will also determine its importance in the business world. Corporate identity is the group of pieces, aspects, ideas, methods and techniques that your brand needs to be identifiable. Your company’s corporate identity can be formed by many of the pieces that form a communicational style: logo, letterhead, business cards, folder, inserts, envelope, etc.

A corporate identity program is a system of signs that involves a combination code and criteria that, together, are the structure of the identity. This means that it is necessary to form a precise regulation for the program to be inserted in the different supports of communication. A strong identity strengthens your brand, becoming recognizable to the target audience. It’s advisable to begin with the creation of a logo or company brand since the development of the identity will depend on them. The logo will be present in all the pieces that form the corporate identity system.

The logo eventually includes the institutional colors of the brand, and the complete corporate design is based on them. The corporate identity is a strategic way to make the image that the rest perceive fit in with the image the company wants to convey. In conclusion, it is the visualization of your corporate strategy. Every company continuously conveys messages to its surroundings even if they do not communicate anything at all. The visual image is one of the most important means that businesses constantly use to convey and manifest their identity.

The corporate identity is a system of communication that is incorporated to the company’s global strategy and it is present in all its manifestations, productions, properties and activities.

The corporate communication goal is to increase the awareness of your company’s image and to establish empathy between the company and the target audience. The corporate communication must be dynamic, correct and planned, and it must show the target audience the company’s global plans. Corporate communication means to transmit the company or organization’s identity, making it understandable and convenient and giving it a determined image. The corporate identity is the company’s being; it is its essence.

The corporate identity is the integration, in the mind of target audience, of all the messages conveyed by a company or organization.

Some aspects that must be taken into consideration when creating a corporate identity are: visual communication, the product design and launch, and the corporate architectural system. The strategic vision must be planned and studied, and sensorial stimuli that evoke this visual identity must be transmitted.

The corporate identity must symbolize the company’s ethic and attitudes, so that those who work for the company share the same spirit and communicate the identity to those related with it. The corporate identity must also remark the difference between the company and its product and services with the ones offered by the competition. Today the corporate identity is a first-rate strategic tool.

An image is a unit of meanings through which we get to know the object and through which people describe and evoke the object. It is the interaction of beliefs, ideas, feelings and impressions that the object causes on people. Institutions, whatever their objective is, are created to satisfy the community’s (local, regional, national or global) needs. This is why institutions exist only for these communities and, whatever the social, politic or economic existing situation is, the institution must detect the scenarios on which the community is moving in order to form motivational bases. This way the institution can keep a brand positioning or a productive niche.

Images are formed as the result of a series of stimuli that the recipient receives directly or indirectly from a company. Its interpretation or evolution may be influenced by psycho-social factors.

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