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Font Development

Language computing technology

Language computing technology
Excessive use of internet technology in today’s scenario right from an infant’s age has put the healthcare on the backseat. Too much strain on the eyes has been adversely affecting the eyes to an extent that there is need very often than not to go in for spectacles or contact lenses from the early age. The research has proved that one of main reasons is the deficient use of font technology. Font technology should be so implemented that it contributes significantly to give soothing effect to the eyes to help grasp the text and background of any write-up.

For an eBook, the order of the day in any writer’s life today, the font is very important to bring in harmony between the print version and on-screen reading experience in a way so as to create a beautiful and highly legible readability of the text. And for this only font technology can help. We at Web Decorum ensure all this to our clientele’s satisfaction.

Web Decorum has in-house expertise to develop font systems whereby we share custom based fonts with our clients. We have a special provision for developing indigenous fonts in all languages. For a record, we have introduced our own font systems in regional Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Malayalam. These are being marketed with handsome response from various big brands. Rightfully, thus, the ability of Web Decorum has made it a well sought after leader in the field of developing font systems.

We have an exclusive innovative and creative team of developers of font systems. With our utmost experience and dedicated team, we have made dent in markets of several competitors in the field. Our
specialty, inter-alia, has been well recognized in hotel industry wherein there is no short cut to the best font system, the backbone of the hotel industry where the management and the audience have to interact continually to have instant results. We have been facilitating the best font systems for giving healing effect to the eyes, much to the envy of our competitors. We take full care of bringing in the best results in our font system vis-à-vis typeface design by offering solution to typographic obstacles.

Our font systems have facilitated our clientele to transform their brands to custom based ones. To achieve this milestone, our team of creative and skillful innovators combines the client’s ambitions with our expertise by way of mutual interaction in a way that flourishes the client’s corporate identity.

Everyone would acknowledge that today all industries need a separate website to attract customers and promote their business. And there is no website which could ignore the importance of proper font system, a dominating factor for running conducive relationship between the industry and the clientele.

Our main areas of services in the field of font development include the following:

  • Wide variety of keyboard layouts such as InScript, English, Phonetic, Remington, Godrej, Linotype, Monotype, Linguist etc.
  • Asian Regional Language Font Development (e.g. Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam)
  • Six weights in the fonts e.g. Light, ExtraLight, Bold, ExtraBold
  • Variety of Conjuncts etc.
  • Custom typeface design
  • Font format conversions
  • Custom character set development
  • Unicode™ compliant font development
  • Digitization of existing artwork
  • Creation of logo and symbol fonts
  • Custom editing of printer fonts
  • Multiple platform font support
  • Consultation on fonts and font technologies
  • Web fonts for websites
  • Indian Regional Language Font in Human Hand Writing, (Sample as below)
Handwriting Font Sample

Web decorum also has specialization in the below mentioned font technologies:

  • TrueType® font format
  • PostScript® Type1 font format
  • OpenType® font format
  • Unicode multilingual character coding system

The Web Decorum does not absolve itself of the responsibility just after completing the job of providing font system. Side by side it ensures the system’s maintenance and upkeep at an affordable price.
Extra care is taken to guarantee that the security interests of our clientele are not jeopardized at any stage of development of the tasks allotted to us.

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