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Facebook for Small Business Websites

As we all know, how social media is booming in marketing. So to make small business website more social, Facebook is providing us a very good platform. With Facebook plug-ins we can add features to small business website which helps us to share content and posts on website and further those posts and shares can be published in your feed on Facebook.

Use Small Business Website as an app on Facebook

With help of website, you can use a lot of features of Facebook. You just need to register your website as application on Facebook. You can use the App Dashboard to register business website on Facebook, which further helps you to get an App ID and this can be used to share content via app on Facebook.

When you use application with Feed Dialog box, the resulting content/stories will be shared by your users which will include extra information about the application from which content is being posted on their walls.

social media for small business website Facebook for Small Business Websites

Social Plug-ins:

Facebook is providing various social plugins that we can use in small business website like:-

  1. Like Button
  2. Send Button
  3. Embedded Posts
  4. Follow Button
  6. Share Dialog
  7. Activity feed
  8. Recommendation Box
  9. Like Box
  10. Login Button
  11. Registration
  12. Facepile

website for small business Facebook for Small Business Websites

Embedded Posts: This is one of the latest features launched by facebook, which help you to easily embed public posts from Facebook to blog or website.

Facebook login: Facebook is also providing Facebook login feature. With this feature user can login to website (using Facebook login) with Facebook credentials. User does not need to create separate account on our website. With this we can fetch and store required information of user into our database. Facebook login helps us to sign in user with real identity and this is possible with the use of Graph API and Open Graph API provided by Facebook.

Facebook Hash: Facebook has moved on its hash-tag functionality to its users. Hash-tag feature which up until now was associated with other social features like Twitter, Instagram and Google+ can now be used in Facebook also mainly focusing on advertising and marketing users.

We are familiar about how to use hash-tags. Hash-tags are already in use by people in their pictures, posts and shares. Now we can experience the use of hash-tag on Facebook, but now they are not click able but seem to be a trending topic.

Web Development for Small Business needs

Web Development is used to develop a web based website or apps for the internet and include the web design, content, development, web server and client/server scripting etc.

In Web Decorum, we provide web development services for small businesses to influence IT needs successfully and professionally. Our Technology ability and business process skill enables our clients to automate their specific business processes and flows to effect in spirited advantage. In our web development service offerings, we taken care of modularity, scalability and security of solutions as a common take out. Web Decorum provides you a proper software product development and deployment service for the important product based companies and clients around the world. We put up the implementation of product range that uses sophisticated and cutting edge frontier technologies and open source frameworks that ensure fast mixing across multiple channels and systems to improve the capability, quickness and give a new element to user experience.

graph Web Development for Small Business needs

Product Development Life-cycle in Web Decorum

Our Web Prototype helps you in detecting and explanatory possible risks and errors in the early phase of the development. An early detection allow development teams at the both ends to take corrective actions on time.

Our Architecture is the external framework gives you a product shape, form size and most significant away. It paves way for a suitable and successful web development of the product. A strong architecture provides a platform where all the mechanism put together with all each other.

A pattern driven modeling approach delivers steady, layered, multi channel, reusable and extensible design models. The can set cross-validations the design outputs to make certain high levels of design integrity.

Marketing Concerns for Ecommerce Web Design

What is E-commerce?

To exchange, sell and purchase goods and services using computer network is known as “E-commerce”.
In today’s era due to high rise in prices and paucity of time, the importance of E-commerce needs no overemphasis. But the problem is, one needs to be smart enough to go in for a good E-commerce Web Design so as to deal with its four major perspectives:

  • B2B (Business-to-Business)
  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer)
  • C2B (Consumer-to-Business)
  • C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer)

Here I would like to touch only the basic features to tell about the discrepancies in certain E-commerce websites, which need to be rectified if the client wants the return, value of his/her goods and services.

As a digital marketer, I audit E-commerce websites many times every week and experience amazing and unbelievable marketing mistakes.

Website design is the key for important branding and building of trust. When working on a new website, one is prone to get caught up in lucrative appeals of the design. Here, one should be always aware that one’s aim of commerce website design is to have enhanced sales and not the beautiful design of the website.

magento ecommerce Marketing Concerns for Ecommerce Web Design

Six Important Marketing Considerations for E-commerce Web Design
Based on my personal useful experience, given hereunder are certain important considerations to be borne in mind by all concerned:

  1. True, we all cannot be like Apple, but no one can stop us to be so, as much as possible. We can endeavor to have our website to embody a precise and well targeted brand direction.Very often we observe luxurious websites not making satisfactory sales, but they forget the main reason for that being that the visitors find it difficult to access a particular section in which they are interested.When visitors land on a website, they should instantly understand where they are: are they accessing a luxury product, household goods etc etc. Design of your E-commerce website should be such that your brand is positioned in front of your mind.
  2. Specific creative beauty factor can boost your E-commerce website. It can also help to sell your products on other channels. In this era of visual sharing, use of quality product photography makes a website unequivocally much more sharable on social web.
  3. Another noticeable flaw observed in the E-commerce web design concept is ignorance of due importance for internal pages. Homepage is not the end of the matter. In E-commerce website, it has to simply serve as guide to the crux of what you want to sell in your internal pages. In fact, as online retailer you should be able to get the clientele off the homepage and lead them to inner size as early as possible.
  4. As top priority, don’t forget to put the following contact details on your website:
    Phone No.
    Contact Us Link, in the upper right hand corner
    Just make the above quick and easy for the clients to contact you. Polishing, style or creativity will not do here.
  5. Generally it is found that people are scared of making online payments. Here your trust plays the part. For this, E-commerce web design should include trust symbols.
    For example, on homepage, trust symbols could be awards, industry memberships, client logos etc. Combined with guarantees about respecting privacy of the clientele, such small design considerations will help boost your business.
  6. Design element of ‘Calls-to-Action” needs to be given utmost attention. These small buttons and links ultimately drive clientele to take an action on the website. It should be ensured that button/link looks clickable. If it is a button, it should look a physical button and make you to click it. In case it is a link, please underline it, which is the universal drill that the text would lead somewhere. The color of buttons should be in contrast to the rest of the site for discernible impact. Give larger and different colors to the links compared to rest of the text, for them to clearly giving the feeling of representing an action.

Please don’t take me on my word. Just give me an opportunity to serve you and see my results.

Web Portals – Great Solution for Your Business


Web Portal Development is the online result with the aim of brings the information with various consistent. Web Portals are rapid resources for companies to allocate information with those who linked among them and they can build up the information that is to be show. The scope of the Web portals is to bring jointly different sources of information on to a single stage. Web Portals are of different kinds like news portal, business portal, government portal, corporate portal, culture portal, e-commerce portal, stock portal, tender portal, B2B portal, B2C portal etc. The main purpose of portal development varies from one customer to another.

Different types of companies are giving the services according to client’s requirements. Now day’s portal development has turn into the extensive result for the companies because it creates the website that is purposive and proficient. The portal based website plays a very important function to give the most excellent solutions in business.

portals for small business Web Portals   Great Solution for Your Business

Portal Development has become the broad idea to magnetize and gain the clients online. Few Services Comes under the Web Portal Development such as:-

  • E-commerce Portal Development
  • B2B Portal Development
  • B2C Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • News Portal Development
  • Job Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Magento Store Development
  • Social Networking Portal Development
So, at the end web portal development provides you a broad field to explain your business and depiction it to advance development. The portal is developed in synchronization with the business objectives and targets.

Retina Ready Websites


With the advent of inventions and inventions taking place in an unexpectedly fast way in the I.T. scenario of today, there is a mad rush to catch up with the latest to earn laurels as pioneers in various fields of the I.T.  One such newest of the new venture is ‘retina display’.

The termretina display” is a hardware term coined by Apple in June, 2010.The future of displays for mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers rests on ‘retina.’

Retina Display- Definition

Retina display ensures a screen with density of pixels being so high that the individual pixels are rendered negligible to our eye’s retina.  It conducts a display of over 300 dpi of resolutions, thus saving a lot of space coverage. On retina display, texts and images are very legible and look like prints.

retinadisplay website Retina Ready Websites

Digital Empowerment

It is an era of I.T. wherein there is no short cut to digital empowerment. And to ensure this empowerment, we have to develop our web sites that are befitting enough to compete on each and every device; for that there is need to use high resolution images and graphics.  And this dire need is fulfilled once all the devices are retina optimized.

Scope of Growth of Retina Display

Some important examples of devices with retina displays are tablets, Smartphone’s, and even non-Apple notebooks. More and more are being added every day.  Soon desktop computers will also be available with retina displays

iPhone 4 first got introduced in the market with retina display in 2010; tablet and 3rd generation iPad were the used retina display in 2012. It is difficult to keep track of how many more devices are on the way.

Importance of having a Retina-Ready Website

On a retina-ready website, the results are crystal clear. When viewed on non-retina optimized device, the graphics look shabby and at times even strenuous to eyes.  The results on non-retina optimized device are at times even disgusting and damaging vis-à-vis important graphics. It is therefore important to have a retina-ready Website.


No doubt that as on date making a retina-ready website is not  fairly cheaper, but with the passage of time, this technology, like any  other technology, will be cheaper and cheaper, and in any case all of us have  the retina devices with us anyway and  they could be put to nicer use, to help save monetarily.  To become pioneer in the field of owning retina-optimized website, we recommend spending a bit today as a good investment for the immediate future, which is at times sane enough to enhance your ROI. And then, we at Web Decorum are always there to offer our cost-effective services without compromising on quality.

Effective Ways of Using Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design is still at an innovative stage.  Albeit a complex endeavor, it has made a niche in the web development world and earned a universal recognition as “RWD”.

Effectiveness of RWD

RWD can be effectively useful in making denting efforts and inroads vis-à-vis usefully displaying websites across the whole set of devices, provided it is handled by befitting experts.  Its layout should adapt itself to the viewing tool, user technician and ambience.

Since recent past, the browser-enabled devices have been entering into the market unabated. These, inter-alia, comprise smart phones, e-readers, tablets, gaming consoles, notebooks etc., each using its own browser, layout, screen resolution. As the momentum grows, the clientele will have high expectations vis-a-vis their websites’ advantages.  It is in such a circumstance that RWD will come handy, whereby the number of users can be enhanced on demand, in a cost-effective manner without adversely affecting the outcomes.

Responsive DesignSite 1 Effective Ways of Using Responsive Web Design

RWD- Providing Optimal Viewing Experience

In essence, the RWD is a talented and creative effort to offer a site with an optimal viewing experience, facilitating an easy reading and navigation, needing minimum of scrolling, resizing and panning, across a range of devices as wide as desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

Essential Elements of Responsive Web Design

To go in for a good RWD, one has to first understand its concept. Its concept is to develop a skillful website design to ensure that any layout could be changed as per the user’s computer screen resolution.
A good RWD impacts the layout, including menus, image/video size etc.  So much so that due to reduction of the browser-size one can even view a larger amount of text on a page. Its three salient elements are:

  • Flexible Images
  • Media Queries
  • Fluid Layouts

RWD is SEO-friendly and obviates the requirement of developing multiple sites, which dilute SEO performance as the multiple sites compete against each other for traffic.

Responsive Web Design and its Skillful Use

The curiosity of rapid changes in web designs is on a fast track.  The skillful use of the RWD is the key to achieve multiple aims in a cost-effective manner. It has rightly given high hopes to innovate a trend that in the near future will become any industry’s brand.

Agreed, it is a bit confusing to grasp the advantages of a Responsive Web Design – confusing in the sense that a variety of development methods need to be effected, each RWD’s application needs various development approaches etc.; you also need to imbibe the code for changing the layout of one site to adapt to the dimensions of, say, as many as three different devices – mobile, desktop, tablet. But then, as of now, it is in its infancy and very shortly the use of RWD will be proved a boon, particularly when you practically see the RWD brightening the chances of enhancing your ROI without sacrificing your quality and without any pecuniary penalty.

NOTE-Presented above is micro of macro, albeit we, at Web Decorum, one of the most competitive and recognized leaders in all fields of Information Technology, have all  the infrastructure and wherewithal to help you realize your dreams to go hand in hand with the pioneers of adopting RWD with our mutual efforts.

Why Responsive Web Design?


There is no doubt that information specific technological development has been accelerating at a fast pace these days! You must be definitely aware of the fact that the modern world is now making an attempt to create mobile-optimized website experience.

Needless to emphasize that all businesses live on the vagaries of Information Technology (IT) today. And there is no short cut to having the best developed website of one’s own to achieve the desired results. An enviable website is the one embodying all the salient features like excellent background, soothing style, offering excellent color-combination and befitting font-size. Deficiency in any of these ingredients can downgrade the brand of any company. So much so that at times, the viewers feel bored and leave a website mid-way without going through the whole contents. Taking into account the anxiety and importance of accessing the internet at any time of day and night, it is very important to have the latest custom designed websites, which can be easily navigated over the phone and tablets, without losing out on time and the essential information.

The question now arises as to what type of website should be developed to satisfy the needs of a business. A short answer to this is “The Website should have a Responsive Web Design”, but the efforts to go in for it are not that simple. Responsive Web Designing is a herculean job. It is a feature which can make or mar the brand of a business! It needs software and infrastructural experts with specific qualifications, dexterity, innovative and creative updated technology at command and, above all, the utmost dedication and workmanship. Such experts can only guarantee the most desired features to make the Website attractive with variant tools alongside variant screen sizes, resolutions, platforms and browsers. In a nutshell, in the device-driven world of day, only a well-designed ‘responsive web design’ can keep the visitors’ interest alive and turn them as prospective clients to enhance the investors’ Return on Investment (ROI).

Today’s customer is in a great hurry to grasp the latest trends. This trend has diverted the customers’ attention to tablets, smart-phones etc in their urge to instantly connect to internet. In the U.S. and many of the other IT-advanced countries, most of the people have started making smartphone as the primary mode of accessing the website! In such a scenario, the need of a specific ‘responsive web design’ to satisfy one’s urge for connectivity comes into the picture, which may serve the purpose of end-user’s easy and instant linkage with the internet! And here we are to your rescue! Hence, we take all the care to focus on making “Responsive Web Design” to bring into effect a single and simple tool, pivotal for all-purpose connectivity befitting to various screen sizes – desktop or laptop screen , tablet or smart-phone in landscape or portrait mode.

Benefits of Responsive Design:

  1. Involving only one website, updating and hosting costs are low so also low is the scope of errors
  2. Whichever device of your website the visitor uses, he will get a much better viewership experience of your website, thus guaranteeing much better ROI
  3. No login problems between mobile & desktop site

Challenges of Responsive Web Design

Where there is light there is shadow. So, side by side various advantages of Responsive Web Design, there are certain challengers also, albeit the same can well be faced by a company adept in producing best quality output.  On your part, to be a leader in your field, you have to deal with a leader, which our Web Decorum is – a tested leader in all fields of the IT, with special emphasis on the latest technology like Responsive Web Design. The worth noting challenges as on date are:  greater development time, necessity of a vast range of devices to be used during the process, scope of loss of essential details of scalable images, and limited navigation.

Top Ten Tips for Winning Website


If your company’s website is due for an overhaul think carefully about how you are going to create an attractive site that will attract new members and increase revenue.

It needs to be a one-stop-shop information source. When new visitors click onto your website you only have about three seconds in which to capture their attention. So taking the right approach to development is crucial.

Top Ten Tips for Planning Website Redesign and Relaunch Projects

Create a winning strategy: Increase revenue through event bookings, selling training materials and publications. Increase membership with a fast renewals process and lower admin costs.

Understand the market: What do your members want? Conduct member surveys and workshops and monitor member enquiries and comments. Study web analytics to understand how the site is currently being used and whether there’s a requirement for mobile access.

Focus on the user: Your goals to increase revenue and membership should drive the design and the way information is displayed on the website. Users should be able to find relevant content quickly and easily. Consider mobile access for convenience.

Design to cross-sell: The way people navigate on websites is changing. Users select links and stories to gain information on areas of interest. Tag all content to category or topic lists relevant to all audiences in order to cross sell events, training materials and publications.

Integrate your website and membership database: All membership data should be stored in one place to provide members with a personalized, comprehensive service whether they are on the website or using email.

Personalize pages: Use category or topic lists to create specialist interest groups and web pages relevant to individual roles and areas of interest.

My Association: This interactive members’ area should deliver personalized content to specific members and promote a sense of belonging. It’s a hub for advice, ideas, news and profiles and should include a members’ search facility, supplier directory and history of member activity and purchases.

Provide a public platform: Encourage interaction from supporters and the general public as well as members. Provide a platform for them to share expertise and experience. Include comment boxes for feedback, forums and group collaboration features.

Put admin and services online: Membership renewals, new member applications, event management and bookings and purchases get the admin online, integrate it with the member database and save money. Make training courses and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) available online too through podcast and videos.

Create a social media strategy: Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise the profile of your association and its business goals and drive more potential members to your website.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me:

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