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Facebook Is All Set To Match Up To Google’s Adwords With Its All New And Powerful Advertising Platform

Facebook is all set to become a more popular platform for advertisers than Google. Recently, it released a new ad network through which business can advertise very powerfully. This network is set to compete with Google Adwords. It is quite different from Adwords which is why advertisers are drawn towards it now. They can use it to advertise both on and off the Facebook platform.

We all know what a popular platform Facebook is, given the fact that it has more than 1.3 billion users worldwide. The information that all these users have shared with Facebook is going to be used to determine how what will be show to them. They will receive ads based on their location and interest. This feature gives it a definite advantage over Google in advertising, even though Google is the most popular search engine, with worldwide users.


What Makes Facebook Advertising Platform Better Than Google?

Google’s adwords basically aims for people to click their ads, based on which marketers analyze user behavior and check the success of an ad campaign post launch. Facebook on the other hand, gives all information needed for an advertiser to make a more successful campaign right at the outset by giving data about conversions, clicks and user behavior. This feature will give them a sure boost as a top player in internet marketing. They will use data collected from their users, plus track individuals through their behavior, without making use of cookies or sessions, a feature that they will get from Atlas, the ad network that Facebook purchased from Microsoft. .

Their strategy is not just to target users in various demographics, but more to concentrate on those who are likely to make a purchase. These users may be showing a keen interest in a particular product or service, hence showing a marketer’s advert to them will entice desired results. This also enables them to provide stronger reporting and analytics data for both on and off advertising, which enables marketers to see results and tune their performance in a much sharper way. The new ad platform from Facebook has unique features which makes it a good means of advertising for marketers from various industries. It will assist them in effectively reaching out to their target audience and will bring expected results. They can use it to boost their brand image, get traffic to their site and generate sales.

How Will Businesses Gain By Making Use Of Facebook’s Advertising Platform?

The world of online marketing is very competitive. The only way that you can get ahead of the competition is through a strong and powerful advertising platform. Facebook’s new advertising method offers such a platform and it has a far reaching effect, with its huge user network. This network is only going to grow and lots of people use Facebook through their mobiles which give marketers new avenues to reach out to their audience. In the future, it is likely that brand promotion through Facebook will be a more effective means of advertising than any other marketing platform.

5 Effective Email Marketing Tools That Will Help You Setup The Perfect Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a very effective marketing platform, one that will certainly get your brand noticed and help generate sales. There are lots of things that go into making a email marketing campaign successful.


web decorum email marketing

While writing great content is the key to getting your email read, there are many important things that you may overlook, which can turn your campaign sour. Doesn’t worry about them, because there is a solution through effective software tools that will make your campaign an effective and nifty one. Here is a look at top email marketing tools that will do wonders for your email marketing campaign:

  • Premailer – This tool helps to convert you HTML designs into inline CSS in the email. It’s particularly useful when you have a fabulous HTML design that you want to change into inline CSS so that it can be used in your email campaign. Usually when you do this there can be problems in the output. All of this is resolved by making use of the Premailer. Copy and paste your HTML code into it and it will do the rest for you. It makes your job of creating an email a whole lot easier.
  • Litmus Email Tester – When you create an email newsletter, it should look the same no matter what platform is used to view it. This tool helps you check if your email newsletter has a universal view across all platforms. You don’t want it to look good in just Gmail while looking bad in Outlook. This tool shows you how the email newsletter looks in various platforms so that you can tweak it and make it appear the same to everyone.
  • Email Spam Test – How do you know if your fabulously designed and written email newsletter is going to be stopped by a spam filter in the mailbox? This tool tests your newsletter’s subject line and source code by checking it with spam filters and much more. If you see a poor score make the content quality better because this makes the huge difference to getting your email sent to the mail box or the spam box.
  • Litmus Subject Line Checker – When you send an email to people do you know how the email subject line looks in their inbox? This tool helps to determine how your email’s appearance in various types of email inbox. Though a catchy email subject line is the key to getting the mail clicked by the recipient, this won’t happen if it is not properly visible in the inbox. This tool tells you how the subject line will appear so that you make no errors in creating one that is visible to your audience.
  • Da Button factory – What about your CTA button? Is it looking good? Having an attractive one is important because you want people to see it quickly and take action. This tool helps you create a striking CTA button in image as well as CSS formats. You can use it to set the font, font size, button shade, border, button size etc of the CTA and then export it to your email code.

Make use of these tools and you can see how quickly and efficiently you are able to create an email newsletter that clicks with the audience.

Top Five Points To Incorporate Into Your Site For Search Engine Optimization


Websites need to be optimized for search engines. Only then can they be found. They need to have those elements that enable search engines to quickly and easily pick them up during user searches and display them in top ten listings of search results. Without optimization, a site simply cannot reach out to its target audience.


What You Should Check In Your Website To Ensure Appropriate Optimization For Search Engines?

Though there are many site optimization techniques, there are some vital ones that you simply must not ignore. Here is a look at the five important features that you need to incorporate in your website for your online business to be successful:

  • Are you using a lot of flash in your site? If so change right away to HTML5. Reason, search engine spiders cannot crawl through sites that have only flash. Furthermore, they are just invisible to people who are surfing on the net from their mobile phone for those products or services that your business is offering. Even if you have put branded products in your site, if it has a lot of flash, this is not going to make it show up in search engine results. Using HTML5 enables engine bots to quack crawl through the pages to index them and turn them up in user queries.
  • Every piece of content that is posted in the website such as headers, sub headers, paragraph bullets, etc, should have appropriate tags. This helps search engines to find quickly match your site’s content with user’s queries and pull it up in search results. All header tags should have appropriate keywords. Make sure that the tags don’t have the same keywords because only then will the rank increase for various keywords which will bring different types qualified traffic to your site.
  • Make sure to name your images with appropriate Alt tags. When your images have the appropriate tag, it improves shopper’s experience. The are able to read information appropriate to the image when the mouse hovers over it. When people are searching based on images, your site’s images will be quickly picked by search bots and displayed in image results.
  • Videos have become a very important means of reaching out to the target audience that’s why it is vital that you create and embed informative videos in your site. However, if you want them to bring the desired results in traffic, the video titles must have appropriate keywords. It is also important to have a detailed text description of what the video is showing. This increases your site’s chances of its pages being picked and displayed in search results.
  • Make use of info-graphics. They are fun and convey what you want to convey in minutes. Another thing about them is that they can attract a lot of attention from other websites. Site linking to your infographics increases your page ranks and online visibility. Search engines will rank you site higher in search results, which will bring in more traffic and qualified leads.

Look into these points to cover your site’s optimization thoroughly. You will find that it is optimized for search engines and bring in qualified traffic to your site which will increase it sales.

Why Should Your Brand Have A Consistent Look Across All Its Marketing Material?

In order to be successful in your market, you need to effectively communicate with the target audience. Communication involves catching their attention and for this you need an attractive website, brochure, email or flyer design. However, having different design elements in all these marketing medium will not reinforce to your brand in their minds. What you need is a consisted look across all your marketing material.

How To Implement A Consistent Look In Your Marketing Materials?

The first step to doing is this is by placing the company logo across all marketing materials. The second is ensuring that you have the same color scheme in all of them. These two points will give uniformity in the look. Since you are going to use the same color scheme, you need to study colors, the meaning of colors, their association they have towards your business activities so that you select an appropriate scheme. You can use complimentary schemes or colors that weave across a pattern in your marketing material, thus giving a consistent look that is attractive and alluring to the reader. Finally, you need to select the right font. A sharp, legible font, should be defined as your company’s office font and used in all marketing materials.


Is It Really Necessary To Have The Same Look Throughout All Your Promotional Material?

When you have the same design elements and color scheme in your marketing material, readers find it very comfortable to read through them. They can quickly find their way to the areas that they want to read and get information they want. It also gives a solid image about your business to them.

Another powerful marketing medium that is widely used today is social media sites. Once again you need to bring a similar look between your site’s pages and your social media pages. They should match in color, font and design. When it comes to imagery, you should make use of meaningful images in your social media pages because they can communicate so much to the reader.

Having a consistent look throughout all your marketing material is very important for enhancing brand name which will in turn help your business to grow. When consumers come across any information or advert about your products or services, their attention is focused quicker on your brand’s details. When you place your product’s advert amidst similar other similar ones, they can easily find it because they are familiar with it.

A consistent look across all our marketing material goes a long way in brand promotion. It is an important tool through which your brand can make a strong impression in the minds of consumers. Whenever they come across its products or services, the design of the promotional material that they are reading will catch their attention and make them focus on the matter they at you are communicating. This is important for you to get the message across and motivate consumers to buy your product. Hence consistency in the look of marketing material helps in business promotion and growth.


Top five points that you have to note to avoid Google Panda bringing down site rankings…

Google Panda has hit many sites that were getting quite a bit of traffic. They saw their sales plummet and their online visibility just dropping off the graph. Many business owners felt the update to be quite a shock with its effects.

The reason why Google released the Panda update is to make its search results more in tune with what its users need and to provide valuable information for them. Its purpose is to enrich user experience by giving quality listings in its searches.  If you site was hit by this update, you need to get out of its clutches fast and get back site rankings to enjoy good traffic again.


Here is a look at five important points that you have to change about your site to get back on top of search engine listings:
  • Look Into Content Quality – This is the foremost point that Google checks because when content is poor, it feels the site is not giving anything valuable to visitors. Make sure that your site’s content is well-researched and gives pointers from trusted sources. There should be no content duplication. The text must be original because only then will it be of value to users. It should have the right format, so make sure to use the right font, bullets and sub-headings because it increases content readability.
  • Keyword Stuffing – Your content should not be over-optimized with keywords. When you use too many keywords to increase site rankings, Google brings down PR. Do not use the same keyword in sentence loops, that is, you write sentences just for the keywords. This makes your site look bad and does not give any real information to visitors, which is the key point that Google checks when it indexes a site.
  • Keep The Content Refreshed – Regularly  update content pages with new and interesting information. You can also make it evergreen content or content that people are going to always need. Evergreen content is in the form of top tips, how-to-do articles and frequently asked questions. When writing information, see to it that it sticks to the topic and does not deviate from it into branches. When people visit a page for a specific topic, they want as much information as possible on it and not on other related subjects.
  • Make Your Content Link Worthy – Give valuable information in the content so that other sites will link to your site, which is very important to get high PR. People should want to reference your site’s information in their site because of how valuable it is to visitors.
  • Offer Engaging And Educative Content – The information offered in your pages must be engaging to visitors and must provide them with useful details that will give them more information about the topic that they want to learn.

By following these tips, you will be able to create content that Google will like and rank well. This will raise traffic volume, online visibility and increase sales figures, all of which are essential to staying ahead of the competition and achieving business objectives.

Tips for Planning an Optimal Content Marketing Strategy…..

If you have a blog or e-commerce site what is the most essential feature needed to attract quality traffic?

Content- your content must be engaging and informative. It should instantly deliver what the visitor wants to know. You should device an effective content marketing strategy to get attention from target audience, attract visitors and generating sales.

Here is a look at the five most important points that your content marketing strategy must have to be successful:

  • Purpose Of Content – What do you want to inform people who are visiting your site? Do you want them to make a purchase, share your post with others, learn about a subject? Write according to the purpose to generate expected reaction from visitors. The content given should be engaging and informative, while serving its purpose.
  • Understand Your Target Audience And Write Accordingly- Who are the people most likely to read the information that you are providing? What is the age group and intellectual understanding? The language you use and how you present information should be based on answers to these questions. Tune into what your target audience will like to read and what information they want in order to create content that is liked and shared by visitors.
  • Write Original And Well-Researched Information – Give information that is of value to users and through which they can make an informed decision. If it is a product that you are selling, be precise about its features. If you are discussing a subject, show that you taken information from trusted sources. Search engines increase the PR of sites giving quality information and bring them up on top of their search results.
  • Best Channels For Content Promotion – What are the most effective means of promoting your site’s content? Is your product or service best promoted through video? Is blogging optimal for your brand? If your brand has more pictures to show interest is a better option. Look into the most appropriate means of distributing your content to generate the maximum number of visitors for your site. By reaching out to where our audience is, you will have a huge volume of visitors arriving at your site.
  • Look Into What Your Competitor Is Offering – Why is your competitor’s site having so much traffic? What are the features placed in their site and how is their content presented to attract visitors? Always be aware of how your competitors are working in the market, so that you display similar content and capture audience attention.
  • Give Information At The Right Time – When you are posting information about a hot new topic that’s being discussed in social media circles or making a product offer, timing should be right. Don’t give information too early or too late as otherwise you won’t get the desired reaction. Give it at a point when a large volume of people are searching for such content so that it reaches out effectively to people.

Look into theses points and you will be able to generate fabulous content that drives traffic and retains visitor attention. When the information you provide is valuable, it is not just liked but also shared, which is essential to always have traffic arriving at our site. Valuable content fetches not just quality traffic, but also sales leads. It leads to a high PR, which is vital to staying ahead of your competitors in the market…

Five important features that will give your website a lead over its competitors

Are you disappointed with the way your site is performing? Is your competitor looking as if they are getting a lead in the market? Are you seeking ways to improve site performance and get desired results in traffic and sales? Here is a look at five most important points to implement for getting a lead in the market:

  • Check Your Marketing Strategy: People can access information through various channels, so your brand should make use of multiple digital marketing mediums to effectively reach out to its target audience. You should make use of PPC, SEO, SMO and videos to attract customer attention, make a powerful impact on their minds about your brand and show it as a leader in the market. Your competitors might be doing this already and that’s why their site is getting high traffic and good sales.
  • Give Valuable Content: Visitors coming to your site cannot see or touch your products. The only way they can get details about it is through accurate product descriptions and quality images. Giving valuable content is vital to building trust with customers. The content should be original and informative. It should be updated regularly and it should tell visitors something that they have not read about already. Today, giving such content is tantamount to getting business as otherwise your page ranks get affected, which in turn affects the volume of traffic arriving at your site.
  • Include Personalisation In Site Content: When your site is full of general information, visitors get bored.Give it a personalized touch by putting in sections that have welcome message or the name of the visitor. Other forms of personalized content that will help reach out to customers are email newsletters and shopping reminders. You can also send suggestions to them through social media pages. The more you get involved with what customers like to buy, the closer you get to them. It shows that you have a deep interest for their preferences.
  • Get Your Site Mobile Ready: Lots of people are using their mobile devices over desktops to find out information that they need. Catching the interest of such users can bring quality traffic to your site, which will result in conversions. Make your website mobile friendly so that it is able to reach out to mobile users and trigger sales. Google increases the page ranks of sites that have a responsive design, so if yours is not responsive, your band is going to be left behind in the market.
  • Good Site Design: Have a site design with elements that enable visitors to easily navigate through its pages. The site’s font, color, images are features that play a key role in getting more traffic which will convert into sales  and also spread popularity about your site to others.
SEO Technique
Look into these points and your site will be able to reach out to its target audience effectively. In a short while, it will experience good sales and traffic, which will boost its page ranks and popularity.

A look at the Black Hat Techniques that a website must avoid to get good Page Ranks from Top Search Engines

Many websites make use of black hat techniques to boost their page ranks so that they can attract visitors and get sales. These techniques will only result in search engines assigning low ranks to that site.

Here is a look at black hat techniques that your site should avoid to enjoy good page ranks and gain quality traffic:

  • Do not stuff site content with keywords as this is no longer looked upon as a good way to boost rankings by Google. It penalizes sites that use too many keywords in their content to increase page ranks. If your product does not have keywords which are highly used by people in their search, look for information from competitors. Look for the right keywords, using the best keyword tools and use them sparingly in the content so that genuine, organic traffic arrives at your site.
  • Avoid keyword stacking where in you are creating content that revolves around keywords in such a way that it repeats over and over again. When you do this, visitors are not getting any valuable information. Google reduces the rankings of sites that do not give quality information to visitors. When page ranks get affected, your site will not get listed in top ten search results. Keywords should be seamlessly merged into the content which should be generated for users and not search engines.
  • page-rank
  • Avoid content duplication which is penalized by Google heavily. When you lift content from another site and put it in your own, you are giving users information that they can find somewhere else. You need to give refreshing, original and engaging content which will make them come back to your site for their next shopping experience. Giving original content makes your site look authoritative to visitors. Search engines give it high page ranks which ushers visitors to it and generates sales.
  • Establish quality links to your site. Paying sites to connect to yours or putting information about your products or services in high traffic sites is no longer considered valid. Get news makers to connect to your site’s content through their sources, because it will be a natural link and not a paid one. Create pages in social media and give information there about your products or services with a link back to your site. Do not overuse sites for linking. for e.g. do not write too many articles in a single site with each article linking to your site. Have a link established once in three months from a trusted site to yours, so that links looks natural.
  • Check if the links established to your site come from spam sites. Links form such sites will reduce your page ranks. If you find a spam site or a site with poor quality information connecting to yours, contact the webmaster to remove their link. If they do not, disavow the site using Google’s webmaster tool.
Look into these points and your site will have all those features that will make it popular with top search engines like Google. They will assign good page ranks to it, which will increase its online visibility and sales figures, thus bringing expected conversions.

How to make your Press Release increase Page Rank and Online Visibility…?

Issuing a press release is a very effective way of drawing traffic to your site and increasing page rank. A well-written PR gets instant attention and informs people about the latest happening in your business. They know what you are doing and how it is going to benefit them. If there is going to be a new product launch or improvisation of an existing product, the best way to well the public about it is with a PR.

Tips for creating A PR that enhances Site Traffic…

Press releases that are valuable are quickly liked and shared by people. They bring traffic to your site because after people read it they will want to know more about your company, product or service.  However, you need to make use of PR in the right way to enjoy high page ranks and good online visibility.
Here is a look at five tips for creating a press release that enhances your page ranks, which gets your business noticed and get likes from a large volume of people:

  • The press release must be engaging in tone and have valuable content. Do not write a press release for every activity that is happening in the organization. Do it only for very important events, which are of interest to the public.
  • Do not post press releases frequently because people will loose interest in your brand when they see information coming out all the time. A new press release affects the old one that was sent out just some time back and also influences what you are going to post next, just as in the newspaper. So have one PR per month or maximum two, but no more than that.
  • Include keywords in the release to make it easy for search engines to pick up the page and display it in their search results. Do not over stuff with keywords because Google does not like that. Have the most important keywords in the release to keep it short and simple.
  • When you established links from your PR to your site, ensure that these links are from various sites. So don’t just post in a single PR site every month. Post in different sites so that Google sees that your site is getting many links from different web sources.
  • Your site should already have good links arriving at it from various web sources. Only then is it appropriate to post a PR and establish a link from the PR to your site. A site with just PR links looks bad to Google because the only site that wants to connect to yours are paid ones.


Look into these five points to create an effective PR that fetches results in terms of online visibility and page ranks.

A press release that is engaging and which gives valuable information is well received and shared by a lot of people quickly. This quality coupled with important points on SEO such as links and keywords should be followed when writing and posting a PR for it to bring desired traffic to your website.


Top Five Tips on how to create a Mobile Landing page that fetch conversions instantly…

Mobile e-commerce is gaining popularity now more than ever. With increasing use of Tablet and Smartphone devices, people like to shop through their hand-held device, rather than their desktops. They can shop whenever they want, wherever they are and shopping can be completed in minutes.  How can your business catch the attention of mobile users and gain sales? You need the most attractive mobile landing pages?


How To Create A Fantastic Mobile Landing Page That Gets Conversions?

The pages must have features that bring about instant conversions. In order to do this, you need to understand consumer behaviour when they use mobile devices. What do they look for and how do they complete tasks? Here is a look at five important points that will help you create an awesome mobile landing page:

  • Mobile users, unlike online desktop users do not delve deep into product information. They want the key details in concise way. Your page must show important features of the product in a bulleted, easy-to-read font so that they can find details quickly and proceed to purchase
  • The page design must be neat and organized. When visitors land on any page, they should be able to see what they want quickly. Make smart use of colour and font. Have clear, attractive images in the pages so that visitors can see the product clearly. The call-to-action button must be strongly visible and in a colour like red or green to catch visitor attention.
  • Purchase process must be easy. When a visitor lands in a page and likes the product, he or she should be able to complete their purchase with a single click of the ‘buy’ button. With another click they should proceed to form filling, check out and payment.
  • People buy products based on popularity. Show testimonials so that customers can see what others feel about the product. With a single click of the testimonial button, they should be directed to a page where they can read them. You can also show product popularity through number of ‘Likes’.
  • Clearly display your offer so that visitors find out right away how they benefit by purchasing the product at that price from your store. If it is a 50% reduction, indicate it strongly. Visitors should not have to spend time moving from one page to another finding out available offers on products that they want to buy.

By bringing these five elements into landing page design, visitors will find it easier and exciting to shop at your store using their mobile devices. They are likely to recommend it to their friends, which will bring more visitors to your store. The attention span of mobile user is shorter than desktop users, hence you need the best page design elements and features to keep them focused and get conversions. These points will bring such features into the site, retain visitor interest and motivate them to make a purchase.  As a result, your website will be able to generate sales through mobile users and as the number of people shopping through mobile devices rises, your business will benefit even more.

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