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A look at the Black Hat Techniques that a website must avoid to get good Page Ranks from Top Search Engines

Many websites make use of black hat techniques to boost their page ranks so that they can attract visitors and get sales. These techniques will only result in search engines assigning low ranks to that site.

Here is a look at black hat techniques that your site should avoid to enjoy good page ranks and gain quality traffic:

  • Do not stuff site content with keywords as this is no longer looked upon as a good way to boost rankings by Google. It penalizes sites that use too many keywords in their content to increase page ranks. If your product does not have keywords which are highly used by people in their search, look for information from competitors. Look for the right keywords, using the best keyword tools and use them sparingly in the content so that genuine, organic traffic arrives at your site.
  • Avoid keyword stacking where in you are creating content that revolves around keywords in such a way that it repeats over and over again. When you do this, visitors are not getting any valuable information. Google reduces the rankings of sites that do not give quality information to visitors. When page ranks get affected, your site will not get listed in top ten search results. Keywords should be seamlessly merged into the content which should be generated for users and not search engines.
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  • Avoid content duplication which is penalized by Google heavily. When you lift content from another site and put it in your own, you are giving users information that they can find somewhere else. You need to give refreshing, original and engaging content which will make them come back to your site for their next shopping experience. Giving original content makes your site look authoritative to visitors. Search engines give it high page ranks which ushers visitors to it and generates sales.
  • Establish quality links to your site. Paying sites to connect to yours or putting information about your products or services in high traffic sites is no longer considered valid. Get news makers to connect to your site’s content through their sources, because it will be a natural link and not a paid one. Create pages in social media and give information there about your products or services with a link back to your site. Do not overuse sites for linking. for e.g. do not write too many articles in a single site with each article linking to your site. Have a link established once in three months from a trusted site to yours, so that links looks natural.
  • Check if the links established to your site come from spam sites. Links form such sites will reduce your page ranks. If you find a spam site or a site with poor quality information connecting to yours, contact the webmaster to remove their link. If they do not, disavow the site using Google’s webmaster tool.
Look into these points and your site will have all those features that will make it popular with top search engines like Google. They will assign good page ranks to it, which will increase its online visibility and sales figures, thus bringing expected conversions.

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